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D211, Rhind Building

Postal Address

City, University of London
Northampton Square
United Kingdom



Julia joined the psychology department in January 2017, and teaches on City's award winning MSc in Organisational Psychology. Information on this course can be found here :

Julia specialises in the development of individuals within their careers, and teaches career development, coaching psychology and learning and training. Her research interests are in occupational identities, the role of appearance in career, and the integration of career theory and coaching practice.


Books (2)

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  2. Yates, J. (2011). The Fashion Careers Guidebook. London: Baron.


  1. Yates, J. (2015). Coaching for Professional Development. In van Nieuwerburgh, C. (Ed.), Coaching in Professional Contexts London: Sage.

Journal articles (15)

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Practitioners (3)

  1. (2017). Hey good looking! Appearance and attractiveness in career practice. Graduate Market Trends
  2. (2017). Ein meta-theoretisches Bezugssystem für Berufsund Karriereberater/innen. DVB-Forum
  3. Recent Research. Phoenix

Other Activities

Editorial activity

  1. Coaching: an international journal of theory, research and practice, Co-editor, Jan 2016 – present.

Keynote lectures/speeches (14)

  1. Career conversations in coaching. Henley Business School (2017). Key note speech at Henley Business School's 2017 Aumni Event
  2. Career practice in an uncertain world. Oslo, Norway (2016). Key note speech at Norway's national career conference
  3. Career thinking in the 21st century. Chelmsford (2016). Key note speech at Essex County Council's Career Quality Award ceremony
  4. If you look the part you’ll get the job: appearance and attractiveness in career development. Manchester (2017). Agcas Research Conference
  5. The role of the unconscious in career decision making. Brunel University (2017). Brunel University Research Conference
  6. Career Coaching. Coventry (2017). CDI Student Conference
  7. Career Coaching. Edinburgh (2016). CDI Scottish Student Conference
  8. Positive Psychology in Career Practice. Cardiff (2015). CDI National Conference
  9. Possible Selves in Career Coaching. Windsor (2016). Career Counselling Service Annual Alumni Conference
  10. Career Coaching: is it just guidance in a suit? Birmingham (2017). Keynote presentation at the Career Development Institute's Annual Conference
  11. The future of career practice. Durham (2017). The Education Development Trust's Annual Conference
  12. Career Coaching: innovative new direction or just guidance in a suit? University of Derby (2018). Keynote for the Career Development Institute's Annual Student Conference
  13. The Quarter Life Crisis. Cumberland Lodge, Windsor Great Park (2018). Keynote for the Career Counselling Service's 40th Anniversary Conference
  14. Instincts and Identity in Career Decision Making. University College Birmingham (2018). Keynote for Aim Higher's national conference for career teachers and careers advisers

Online articles (3)

  1. Are women leaders set up to fail? What business tells us about the ‘glass cliff’. (2017). The Conversation
  2. Are women party leaders set up to fail? Theresa May faced the ‘glass cliff’ in the UK. (2016). National Post, Toronto
  3. Moglege identitetar: Å sjå seg sjølv i framtida. (2017). Veilderforum

Radio programmes (2)

  1. National Post. Sirius XM Radio, Toronto, Canada Interview about The Glass Cliff
  2. . Radio 5 Live Career Coaching session with retiring jockey AP McCoy

Television programme

  1. Morning News. CTV, Toronto, Canada Interview about The Glass Cliff