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portrait of Dr Jessica Jones Nielsen

Dr Jessica Jones Nielsen

Associate Dean (People & Culture)

School of Arts and Social Sciences, Department of Psychology

Contact Information


Visit Jessica Jones Nielsen

D436, Rhind Building

Postal Address

City, University of London
Northampton Square
United Kingdom



Dr Jones Nielsen, Associate Dean (People & Culture) of the School of Arts and Social Sciences, joined City, University of London in March 2013. She is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Psychology and served as the Programme Director for the HCPC approved and BPS Accredited DPsych in Counselling Psychology programme.

Dr Jones Nielsen was awarded a PhD in Counseling Psychology from the University of Florida, United States in 2010. Her PhD research investigated treatment adherence among a national sample of Hispanic primary care patients using a patient-centered culturally sensitive healthcare model.

After completing her postdoctoral clinical training at Duke University's Counseling and Psychological Services in 2011, she worked for two years as a Research Associate in Imperial College London's Department of Primary Care & Public Health before taking up her present post at City, University of London.


  1. PhD, University of Florida, United States
  2. MSc in Psychology, University of Florida, United States
  3. BSc in Psychology, University of Florida, United States

Administrative roles

  1. SASS Athena Swan Lead, 2017 – present
  2. SASS Equality & Diversity Lead, 2017 – present
  3. University Equality Committee Member, 2017 – present
  4. University Athena Swan Implementation Team Member, 2017 – present
  5. Director, DPsych in Counselling Psychology Programme, 2014 – 2017
  6. Deputy Director, DPsych in Counselling Psychology Programme, 2013 – 2014
  7. Psychology Ethics Committee Member, 2013 – present
  8. Psychology Research Committee Member, 2013 – present
  9. SASS Research Committee Member, 2013 – present


  1. Associate Dean (People & Culture) for SASS, City University London, London, May 2017 – present
  2. Senior Lecturer in Psychology, City University London, London, Aug 2014 – present
  3. Lecturer in Psychology, City University London, London, Mar 2013 – Jul 2014
  4. Research Associate, Imperial College London, London, Sep 2011 – Feb 2013

Memberships of professional organisations

  1. Registered Psychologist (HCPC membership no: PYL 30309), Health & Care Professions Council Registered Psychologist, Nov 2013 – present
  2. Chartered Member, British Psychological Society, 2013 – present

Research Students

Kate Bexley

Attendance: 2014 – 2017, full-time

Thesis title: DPsych; Improving access to psychological therapy for people with learning disabilities from service users' and clinicians' perspectives: An action research approach

Role: 1st Supervisor

Tarynne Quirk

Attendance: 2014 – present, full-time

Thesis title: DPsych; An Investigation into Weight Bias Among Mental Health Professionals Treating Overweight and Obese Patients

Role: 1st Supervisor

Emilia Szmigielska

Attendance: 2014 – present, full-time

Thesis title: DPsych; Our Bodies: A pilot study of an internet based body image intervention using Feminist Theory to enhance Positive Body Image

Role: 1st Supervisor

Anna Kaufman

Attendance: 2013 – 2016, full-time

Thesis title: DPsych; The experience of treatment for female problem gamblers

Role: 1st Supervisor

Athena Foran

Attendance: 2013 – 2016, full-time

Thesis title: DPsych: Managing Emotions through Eating

Role: 1st Supervisor

Genevieve Hughes

Attendance: 2012 – 2015, full-time

Thesis title: DPsych; Maybe if I had heard my mother’s tongue I might speak easier’: A multi-layered exploration of the internal processes of Black and Minority Ethnic clients in psychodynamic therapy

Role: 1st Supervisor

Further information: Awarded DPsych in 2015

Omara Naseem

Attendance: 2012 – 2015, full-time

Thesis title: DPsych; Understanding Men's Experience of Masculinity, Body Image and Psychological Well-Being: An Interpretative Analysis

Role: 1st Supervisor

Brian Murray

Attendance: 2011 – 2015, full-time

Thesis title: DPsych; What Do We Mean By Madness: How And Where Is It Used Today?

Role: 1st Supervisor

Further information: Awarded DPsych in 2015

Helen Ferris

Attendance: 2011 – 2014, full-time

Thesis title: DPsych; Individual and Organisational Interventions for People with Long-­Term Mental Health Conditions in Employment: How to Survive and Thrive at Work

Role: 1st Supervisor

Further information: Awarded DPsych in 2015

Zoé Dixon-Havers

Attendance: 2011 – 2013, full-time

Thesis title: DPsych; The Couples’ Story: A narrative analysis of couples’ presentations of the experience of living with an eating disorder

Role: 1st Supervisor

Further information: Awarded DPsych in 2014


Conference papers and proceedings (4)

  1. Jones Nielsen, J.D. and Riaz, S. (2015). Developing a culturally-appropriate healthy weight achievement intervention programme among BME women living in the UK. Midlands Health Psychology Network Conference 19 February, Darby, England.
  2. Jones Nielsen, J., Laverty, A. and Saxena, S. (2012). Time trends in hospital admission in childhood and youth obesity in England from 2000 to 2010. Society for Academic Primary Care: London and South-East Region Annual Scientific Meeting 3-5 February, Cambridge, England.
  3. Jones Nielsen, J. and Tucker, C.M. (2010). Test of a Patient-Centered Culturally Sensitive Health Care Model for understanding treatment adherence among Hispanic patients. Annual meeting of the American Public Health Association Conference 8 Nov 2010 – 16 Dec 2013, Denver, Colorado.
  4. Jones Nielsen, J.D. and Nicholas, H. Counselling Psychology from an international perspective. Division of Counselling Psychology Annual Conference Brighton, UK.

Journal articles (14)

  1. Woringer, M., Nielsen, J.J., Zibarras, L., Evason, J., Kassianos, A.P., Harris, M. … Soljak, M. (2017). Development of a questionnaire to evaluate patients' awareness of cardiovascular disease risk in England's National Health Service Health Check preventive cardiovascular programme. BMJ Open, 7(9). doi:10.1136/bmjopen-2016-014413.
  2. Kaufman, A., Jones Nielsen, J.D. and Bowden-Jones, H. (2016). Barriers to Treatment for Female Problem Gamblers: A UK Perspective. Journal of Gambling Studies. doi:10.1007/s10899-016-9663-1.
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  5. Jones Nielsen, J.D., Wall, W. and Tucker, C.M. (2015). Testing of a model with latino patients that explains the links among patient-perceived provider cultural sensitivity, language preference, and patient treatment adherence. Journal of Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities, 3(1), pp. 63–73. doi:10.1007/s40615-015-0114-y.
  6. Tucker, C.M., Lopez, M.T., Campbell, K., Marsiske, M., Daly, K., Nghiem, K. … Patel, A. (2014). The Effects of a Culturally Sensitive, Empowerment-Focused, Community-Based Health Promotion Program on Health Outcomes of Adults with Type 2 Diabetes. Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved, 25(1), pp. 292–307. doi:10.1353/hpu.2014.0044.
  7. Alhyas, L., Jones Nielsen, J., Dawoud, D. and Majeed, A. (2013). Factors affecting the motivation of healthcare professionals providing care to Emiratis with type 2 diabetes. Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine Short Reports, 4(2), p. 14. doi:10.1177/2042533313476419.
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DPsych Modules Taught

-PSM417 Research Design and Analysis 1
-PSM418 Research Design and Analysis 2
-PSD315 Supervising, Consulting and Leading in Counselling Psychology

BSc Modules Taught

-PS3030 Introduction to Counselling Psychology
-PS1009 Psychology at City