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  1. Emily Allbon

portrait of Emily Allbon

Emily Allbon

Senior Lecturer, Director - Mooting, Programme Director LLB in Legal Practice

The City Law School, Academic Programmes

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G309, Gloucester Building


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City, University of London
Northampton Square
United Kingdom



Emily began her role at City as the Law Librarian in 2000, before joining The City Law School in 2014 as Lecturer. She is known for her work in developing the award-winning Lawbore resource – a website to support and engage those studying law.

Her work has been recognised in many ways, both by her previous profession (Wildy/BIALL Law Librarian of the Year 2012) and the academic law community (Best paper in Legal Education and Technology at BILETA 2012, Routledge/Association of Law Teachers (ALT) Teaching Law with Technology Prize 2013). In 2013 the Higher Education Academy named her one of 55 National Teaching Fellows – the UK’s most prestigious awards for excellence in higher education teaching and support for learning.

Emily’s academic background includes degrees in English Literature, Law, Information Science and Academic Practice. Her interests lie in legal education, legal research and legal information literacy, student engagement and the use of technology in teaching and learning. She is a member of CILIP, BIALL, ALT and LERN.

Administrative Roles

Editorial board member: The Law Teacher: The International Journal of Legal Education

BIALL Information Literacy Working Group member



  1. Allbon, E. (2014). Planning a training session. BIALL Handbook of Legal Information Management (pp. 283–302). ISBN 978-1-4094-2397-3.

Conference Papers and Proceedings (5)

  1. Allbon, E. (2014). Web, Social Media and Online Communities for those Studying for Professions: Embraced or Tolerated? eLmL 2014 : The Sixth International Conference on Mobile, Hybrid, and On-line Learning 23-27 March, Barcelona, Spain.
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  3. Allbon, E. (2012). The free legal info landscape. Justice Wide Open 29 February, City University London, London, UK.
  4. Allbon, E. (2011). Stimulating student learning when visual is king. LILAC 2011 18-20 April, London School of Economics & Political Science, London, UK.
  5. Kaur, S. and Allbon, E. (2011). Tuning in not zoning out: teaching students legal skills via a multimedia learning hub. Learning in Law Annual Conference 2011: Experiencing legal education 28-29 January, University of Warwick, Coventry, UK.

Journal Articles (10)

  1. Allbon, E. (2016). Seeing is believing: We are all converging. Law Teacher, 50(1), pp. 44–60. doi:10.1080/03069400.2016.1146455.
  2. Allbon, E. (2014). Book Review: The Path to Pupillage, 2013, Sweet & Maxwell, 3rd edn. The Law Teacher, 48(2), pp. 223–225.
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  4. Allbon, E. (2013). Too cool for (law) school? Using technology to engage students in legal skills. European Journal of Law and Technology, 4(1) .

    [publisher’s website]

  5. Allbon, E. and Dua, S.K. (2012). Legal Skills: Ensuring ‘Appy Students. Legal Information Management, 12(04), pp. 266–272. doi:10.1017/S1472669612000618.
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  10. Allbon, E. (2005). IT'S ALIVE! The birth of Lawbore and the Indispensability of the Law Librarian. Legal Information Management, 5(4), pp. 21–21.

Other Activities

Events/Conferences (13)

  1. Infiltrate and conquer: Showing the World what Librarians can do. Brighton, UK (2015).
    Description: Plenary session at the British and Irish Association of Law Librarians Annual Conference
  2. Web, Social Media and Online Communities for those studying for the Professions: Embraced or Tolerated? Barcelona, Spain (2014).
    Description: eLmL: The Sixth International Conference on Mobile, Hybrid and Online Learning
  3. Teaching Research Skills at City. London, UK (2014).
    Description: Teaching Research Skills to Law Students – Best Practice (HEA Workshop), IALS
  4. Engaging Legal Minds: Providing the digital tools students need. Plymouth, UK (2013).
    Description: Plymouth Enhanced Learning Conference (PELeCON)
  5. Law Libraries and Law Students: Motivating Broader Learning and an interest in practical legal skills. Oslo, Norway (2013).
    Description: Law Libraries and Law Students Symposium, University of Oslo
  6. Engaging and Educating the Screen Addicts of 2012. Boston, USA (2012).
    Description: American Association of Law Libraries Annual Conference
  7. Too Cool for (Law) School? Using Technology to Engage Students in Legal Skills. Northumbria University, UK (2012).
    Description: British and Irish Law Education and Technology Association (BILETA), winner best paper in Legal Education stream
  8. Innovative involvement not embarrassing intervention: Using technology to connect with students without treading on virtual toes. BIALL (British and Irish Association of Law Librarians) Annual Conference (2009).
  9. Lawbore rocks! LILAC (Librarians' Information Literacy Annual Conference) (2009).
  10. Getting down with the kids; satisfying the 'google generation' without compromising quality for cool (both possible!). Internet Librarian International (2008).
  11. Debunking the myth: Lawbore, Indispensibility and becoming the vanguard of change. AALL (American Association of Law Libraries) Annual Meeting and Conference (2006).
  12. Developing the student learning environment at City University. UKCLE Seminar on teaching and learning for legal skills trainers (2005).
  13. Developing the legal portal of City University to support learners. ASSIGN Conference (2004).

Keynote Lecture/Speech

  1. Connecting with Clients - What Tools Work? Adelaide, Australia (2014). Australian Law Librarians Association Annual Conference

Online Article

  1. Is there a life outside the lecture theatre for law students? The Guardian

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