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Dr Adrienne Yong


The City Law School, Academic Programmes

Contact Information


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F308, Innovation Centre

Postal Address

City, University of London
Northampton Square
United Kingdom



Adrienne has been a Lecturer at The City Law School under the Institute for the Study of European Laws (ISEL) since August 2017. At City, Adrienne teaches on the LLB Programme in European Law and Land Law. She is the PGR Methodology Training Programme co-ordinator, and the ISEL Research Seminar co-ordinator.

Adrienne completed an LLB (Hons) at Durham University with First Class Honours and an LLM in European Union Law at King's College London with Distinction before starting her PhD at King's, which was awarded in 2016.

Prior to joining City, Adrienne was Lecturer in Law at the University of Hertfordshire, where she was also the Undergraduate Cohort Tutor (personal tutor) for all Year 3 students. She has also taught EU Law as a visiting lecturer at King's College London on their LLB Programme as well as with the King's Summer School.

Adrienne's research interests are in European human rights and EU citizenship, and her work currently focuses on considering the effect of the UK's withdrawal from the EU on human rights protection of EU citizens. She has published and presented nationally and internationally on this topic. She is currently working on a project that looks specifically at the effect of Brexit on the right to private and family life for EU citizens in the UK and at the legality of deporting EU citizens from the UK after Brexit. Adrienne has been quoted by the Financial Times and The Economist and has appeared on the radio to speak about Brexit and citizens' rights.

Adrienne's thesis, entitled 'The Rise and Decline of Fundamental Rights Protection in European Union Citizenship Case Law' critically examined the development of Union citizenship rights in the European Union and its relationship with fundamental rights protection in the Court of Justice of the EU, with a particular focus on the effect of Euroscepticism on its decisions in these areas. A monograph of her PhD thesis is currently under contract for publication with Hart Publishing.


  1. PhD, King's College London, London, United Kingdom
  2. LLM (EU Law), King's College London, London, United Kingdom
  3. LLB (Hons), Durham University, Durham, United Kingdom

Administrative roles

  1. PGR Methodology Training Programme Co-ordinator
  2. Institute for the Study of European Laws (ISEL) Research Seminar Co-ordinator


  1. Lecturer in Law, City University London, London, Aug 2017 – present
  2. Lecturer in Law, University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield, Sep 2015 – Aug 2017
  3. Visiting Tutor in EU Law, King's College London, London, Sep 2013 – May 2014
  4. Research Assistant, King's College London, London, May 2013 – May 2015

Memberships of professional organisations

  1. Society of Legal Scholars


  1. King's Graduate School King's Overseas Research Scholarship
  2. University of Hertfordshire School of Law Dean’s Awards for Student of the Year (SOTYs) 2015/16 Tutor of the Year
  3. Dickson Poon School of Law, King's College London Best Student on the LLM in European Law
  4. City, University of London Pump Priming Scheme


Chinese (Cantonese) (can speak and understand spoken), Chinese (Mandarin) (can speak and understand spoken), English (can read, write, understand spoken and peer review) and French (can read, write, speak and understand spoken).


Geographic Areas

  • Europe



  1. Yong, A. (2019). The Rise and Decline of Fundamental Rights in EU Citizenship. Hart Publishing. ISBN 978-1-5099-1793-8.

Journal articles (5)

  1. Yong, A. (2017). Forgetting human rights - the Brexit debate. European Human Rights Law Review, (5), pp. 469–479.
  2. Yong, A. (2016). Driving a wedge between friends?: The Court of Justice of the EU and its citizens in the case of welfare benefits. European Human Rights Law Review, (6), pp. 664–671.
  3. Yong, A. (2014). The Limits to Benefit Tourism: The Case of Elisabeta Dano v Jobcenter Leipzig. Cyprus Human Rights Law Review, 3(2), pp. 217–217.
  4. Yong, A. (2014). Opinion of AG Sharpston (12 December 2013) and grand chamber judgment (12 March 2014) in cases C-456/12 O and B and C-457/12 S and G. King's Law Journal, 25(2), pp. 155–158. doi:10.5235/09615768.25.2.155.
  5. Yong, A. A “Just” Brexit for EU Citizens? The Brexit effect on the private and family life of EU citizens in the UK. .

Other Activities

Editorial activity

  1. Bulletin on the Charter of Fundamental Rights, European Human Rights Law Review Editorial Board Member.

Events/conferences (11)

  1. Brexit Rights Engagement Network (BREN) Roundtable on Rights Adjudication and Enforcement After Brexit. (Workshop) University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh (2018). Invited speaker.
    Paper: Missing Parts in the Future Adjudication of EU Citizens’ Rights in the UK
  2. International Society of Public Law (ICON·S) 2018 Conference on Identity, Security, Democracy: Challenges for Public Law. (Conference) Hong Kong, Hong Kong (2018). Invited speaker.
    Paper: Human rights protection as justice in post-Brexit Britain
  3. Young Researchers' Symposium on The Future of Europe. (Conference) Helsinki, Finland (2018). Invited speaker.
    Paper: A "Just" Brexit for EU Citizens?
  4. 25th International Conference of Europeanists 2018. (Conference) Chicago, USA (2018). Invited speaker.
    Paper: A "Just" Brexit for EU Citizens?
  5. EU Citizens Rights Post-Brexit: a right to remain in the UK? (Public lecture) London, United Kingdom (2018). Panel Member. Invited speaker.
  6. 24th International Conference of Europeanists 2017. (Conference) Glasgow, United Kingdom (2017). Invited speaker.
    Paper: The Future of EU Citizens’ Rights – Will Fundamental Rights be Further Forgotten?
    Author: Yong, A.
  7. The Inter-relationship between the European Convention on Human Rights and European Union Law. (Conference) Nicosia, Cyprus (2017). Invited speaker.
    Paper: Articles 8 ECHR and the Charter of Fundamental Rights – do the Courts understand the right to data protection?
    Author: Yong, A.
    Co-authors: Pearce, H.
  8. Edinburgh Europa Research Group Seminar Series 2016/17. (Public lecture) Edinburgh, United Kingdom (2016). Invited speaker.
    Paper: The constitutional crisis of the EU citizen in fundamental rights protection and EU citizenship law
    Author: Yong, A.
  9. Socio-Legal Studies Association Annual Conference 2016. (Conference) Lancaster, United Kingdom (2016). Invited speaker.
    Paper: The constitutional crisis of the EU citizen in fundamental rights protection and EU citizenship law
    Author: Yong, A.
  10. The Age of Austerity: A New Challenge for State Powers. (Workshop) Edinburgh, United Kingdom (2016). Invited speaker.
    Paper: The austerity crisis in the EU: a damning effect on citizenship and fundamental rights protection
    Author: Yong, A.
  11. UACES Student Forum. (Conference) Birmingham, United Kingdom (2014). Invited speaker.
    Paper: Commonality, not Diversity: A Legitimate Union Citizenship towards a More Legitimate EU
    Author: Yong, A.

Online articles (7)

  1. Brexit Briefing: The case for associate EU citizenship. (2016). Financial Times Quoted from the EUtopia Law blog
  2. Can Britons keep their EU citizenship after Brexit? (2017). The Economist
  3. The problems associated with associate citizenship of the EU. (2016). EUtopia Law Blog
  4. When Britain can deport EU citizens – according to the law. (2017). The Conversation
  5. Britons shouldn’t get their hopes up about keeping EU citizenship after Brexit. (2018). The Conversation Republished by The Scotsman here:
  6. Can Britons keep their EU citizenship? (2018). Financial Times Quoted from The Conversation
  7. EU citizens: what settled status after Brexit really means – a legal expert explains. (2018). The Conversation

Radio programme

  1. Bouche à Oreille. Radio Verulam BREXIT: Situation légale des ressortissants de l’UE en GB