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Speaker at the Doctoral Research conference
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Students present research at 5th Annual Doctoral Research Conference

Event provides an opportunity to practice vital skills in front of colleagues


Graduate students from across the School of Health Sciences presented their research at the 5th Annual Doctoral Research Conference in early June.

The conference was designed to provide an opportunity for MPhil and PhD students to practice the vital skills of presenting and disseminating their research work. The conference also provided a forum where the exchange of research ideas between students, staff members and external partners could take place.

Opening the conference, Professor Stanton Newman, Dean of the School of Health Sciences, spoke about the challenges and rewards of doctoral research. He said:

“Doctoral research is one of the most taxing and yet rewarding activities anyone undertakes in their academic career. A PhD gives a researcher the passport to travel forward in their work and an opportunity to make a contribution to world research.

“To take on a PhD requires ambition but also discipline to meet the challenges that will inevitably arise during the course of your studies. Managing your time is absolutely key.I always advise my students to treat it as a job, to make sure they apply focused time to their work but also to make sure they step away from the thesis in order to allow space for reflection. It is also important to make sure you make use of the doctoral community in the School. It is an exciting time and there will be stresses and strains but this community of scholars will support you through your journey as you complete your PhD. Lastly, and most importantly, enjoy it.”

In addition to 13 oral presentations throughout the day, students also gave 8 poster presentations to colleagues. Topics were varied and included areas as diverse as ‘Health on the High Street – A Pop-Up Pilot Project’ by Laura Edwards to ‘Investigating Determinants of Adherence to Anti-Psychotic Medication’ by Faisal Satti.

Professor Wendy Moyle, from Griffith University, Australia, also gave a keynote talk about her research and drawing on her experiences of how she got to where she is now, highlighting the importance of finding a mentor, setting goals and using networking opportunities. Speaking about research, she said: “always work with people who are as passionate about research as you are.”

Speaking about the impact such doctoral research can have, Professor Newman said:

“Many research studies by our MPhil and PhD students have the potential to make a significant impact on policy and professional practice and it is clear from the range and depth of work presented here today that our doctoral students play an important role in building a research community within the School. Their work supports and strengthens our links with the health professions and sector industries. Our students play a key part in developing the School’s research reputation and impact.”

Summing up the day, President Professor Sir Paul Curran spoke about the development of research at City and also praised the translational work produced by staff and students in the School of Health Sciences.

The first prize for the conference was also awarded by the President to Deanna Taylor for her poster entitled ‘Seeing it differently: self-reported description of vision loss in dry age related macular degeneration.’

Morag Boyes came second with her talk on ‘Exploring the relationship of oral language ability, non-verbal ability and socio-economic status with reading comprehension in mainstream secondary school-age students’, while Laura Edwards came third for her talk ‘Health on the High Street – A Pop-Up Pilot Project’.

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