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Student Union President Issy Cooke
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Meet your Students' Union President: Interview with Issy Cooke

Issy Cooke reveals the Students' Union's plans and campaigns for the year ahead


What does the City University London Students’ Union do?

City University London Students’ Union campaigns on behalf of students about anything we feel the university could be doing better. Last year we campaigned to get Wednesday afternoons free so that students can take part in sports, to get Friday Prayer back on campus and to get rent back for students at Pure City living. All campaigns were successful.

We make sure that students from each part of the University have a voice and are consulted whenever big decisions or changes are made. 

Our Union advice service, provides independent advice and guidance for students on anything from housing to making an appeal. 

Our team also organise events and activities such as the Welcome Week programme and we have a range of student media, all completely written and run by students. We also oversee and support all the student societies.

What made you get involved in the Students’ Union?

I started as a part-time school officer for the School of Arts and Social Sciences. I got involved as I was interested in helping to make the student experience better for myself and the people around me. As part of my role I was involved in a Living Wage campaign to make sure all staff at City get paid a fair amount. I really enjoyed being part of the Students’ Union and was elected Vice-President for Education last year, and the President this year. 

What campaigns will you be running throughout the year?

We’ll be working on a project to help create a community among students who live off campus. We’ll be locating key areas that City students live and organising events and activities nearby, providing people with the chance to meet other students who live round the corner. 

We’re also working on a project along with the chaplaincy to allow students to pray on a Friday. 

We'll be looking particularly at what we can do for post graduate students, making sure we are effectively representing and supporting them.

Aside from this we’ll be continuing to work on behalf of students to improve and enhance the University experience.

What societies does City have and what are the benefits of joining?

Societies range from sports and hobbies to politics and religion, there really is something for everyone. I would really recommend joining a society, it’s a great opportunity to meet new people and make friends with similar interests. It’s also a great way to make the most of your time at City. 

What events and activities do the Students’ Union have planned for new students?

During Welcome Week, we are hosting a range of activities and events to help new students to get settled in and meet new people. The most important event has to be the Freshers Fair on Wednesday where new students can join societies and sports teams and get plenty of freebies. The biggest event is the Masquerade Boat Ball which is held on Friday 25th September, it’s always a lot of fun. You can find details of all the whole Freshers programme on the City event website

We have recently launched a new website which has more information about the Students’ Union, what we do and societies and activities. 

Visit the CULSU website for more details.

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