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Delving into the depths of Maritime Law and Policy

The City Law School and the London Universities Maritime Law and Policy Group (LUMPLG) hosted the Sixth Annual Maritime Law and Policy Postgraduate Research Conference at City on 16th April.
by John Stevenson (Senior Communications Officer)

On 16th April, The City Law School and the London Universities Maritime Law and Policy Group (LUMLPG) hosted the Sixth Annual Maritime Law and Policy Postgraduate Research Conference. 

Professor Jason Chuah at the LUMPL conferenceThe annual conference provides an opportunity for researchers and postgraduate students to present their research papers in a supportive and collegiate environment and was attended this year by students, academics, maritime lawyers and industry professionals. The one-day event was held in the Northampton Suite and was divided into six sessions with corresponding themes. These were ‘Maritime Environment’; ‘Policy and Governance’; ‘Shipping and Liability’; ‘Business associated with Shipping; ‘Admiralty Issues’; and ‘Trends in Shipping’. 

Carlo Corcione, Faizah Abd Rahman, Minli Tang (PhD students from The City Law School) and Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC) student, Dr Emma Park, gave presentations at the Conference.
Carlo Corcione’s paper was titled, ‘Third Party Protection in the Carriage of Goods by Sea: the full picture’. Faizah Abd Rahman’s research, ‘The Role of Fault in establishing Shipper Liability for Cargo under International Conventions’ also addressed the issue of Shipping Liability. ‘Legal Concerns for Financing Models in Global Upstream Offshore Oil and Gas Industry’, was presented by Minli Tang. Dr Park posed the question, ‘Can statutory claims in rem be issued against the proceeds of sale of the res?’

Delegates at the LUMPL conferenceOther topical issues were dealt with in papers ranging from ‘Whistleblower Protection in Maritime Environmental Law’, presented by Bernadette Tim, of the University of Hamburg, to Dr Sebastian Meyer's provocative 'Electronic Alternatives: the fight of this century “Sea v Air" or Is it?'. At the end of the Conference, PhD candidate and executive member of the London Universities Maritime Law and Policy Group (LUMLPG), Julia Constantino Chagas Lessa, introduced the new International Transport Law Review, which will be published at year-end.

Delegates at LUMPL conference looking at maritime law publicationsMinli Tang, whose research focuses on the offshore/energy industry from a private commercial law perspective, said she was happy to have been a part of this year’s Maritime Law and Policy Postgraduate Research Conference. Minli said: “The whole event was well organized. While speakers gave brilliant presentations, the audience also responded with enlightening questions and comments. As a presenter, I received useful feedback from the floor, which helped me to further reflect on future research. I am already looking forward to the next year’s conference and would highly recommend it to my friends and colleagues.” 

Carlo Corcione’s doctoral research defines the theoretical framework around third parties in the carriage of goods by sea and examines whether and to what extent these third parties have proper legal protection. Carlo was also pleased with the Conference:

“It is always exciting to be part of the yearly international discussion of issues offered at this Conference. I have participated as a presenter for the last four years and have enjoyed the feedback provided with the Q&A sessions. The conference does not only tackle issues related to shipping in the conventional sense but is expanding towards a very hot topic for academia - the oil and gas sector and particularly the offshore aspect, which shares many issues and features with the maritime world . I would strongly recommend that young maritime law scholars around Europe present their research at this annual event."

Maritime Law

A body of laws, conventions and treaties that governs international private business or other matters involving ships, shipping or crimes occurring on open water. Laws between nations governing such things as national versus international waters are considered public international law and are known as the Law of the Seas.

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