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A tribute to Efua Dorkenoo

Efua Dorkenoo OBE, an Honorary Visiting Senior Fellow in the School of Health Sciences, sadly passed away on Saturday 18 October.
by George

nullEfua was an inspirational person, campaigning worldwide against female genital mutilation. As a result her work has made a huge difference to the lives of thousands of women. Her loss will be greatly felt by all those that her work affected and inspired.

Here, friend and colleague Professor Alison Macfarlane talks about her background and the huge contribution she made.

"Efua Dorkenoo, a prominent leader nationally and internationally in the campaign to stop female genital mutilation / cutting died on October 18, 2014. As well as being Programme Director of the End FGM/C Social Change Campaign and Senior Advisor to Equality Now, she was an Honorary Visiting Senior Fellow in the School of Health Sciences, with which she was working to produce new estimates of the numbers of affected women living in England and Wales.

"Born in Ghana, she came to London and worked as a nurse in the late 1970s. She started campaigning against FGM, in the 1980s when working for the Minority Rights Group and did an MSc at London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. She went on to found the Foundation for Women's Health, Research and Development (FORWARD) in 1985 to take the campaign further and then worked for the World Health Organisation from 1995 to 2001 to coordinate action plans in African countries. Her recent work at Equality Now has put the issue high on the agenda for positive change in the UK. Earlier this year, she was appointed to lead the DFID programme, now known as 'The Girl Generation: Together to end FGM' which is linking organisations working to stop FGM in African countries and was launched just ten days before she died."

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