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Stand out from the crowd

City University London to host free two day conference on crowdfunding

"Rather than going cap in hand to a banker, those with a fledgling business can resort to crowdfunding - going straight to investors - and customers - for the money, often at cheaper rates." (The Financial Times, June 9th, 2014)

Crowdfunding is becoming an increasingly popular way of raising capital for entrepreneurs. It is a way of raising finance by asking a large number of people each for a small amount of money.

Crowdfunding campaigns are hosted on specialised sites such as Seedrs and Indiegogo. Entrepreneurs usually produce a video pitch to host on their campaign page, outlining the nature of their enterprise and what they need the finance for.

But what makes a good crowdfunding campaign and is crowdfunding the best way to fund your business?null

Hear from experts from the crowdfunding business, as well as entrepreneurs who have conducted successful campaigns, at City's free two-day conference 'Crowd Camp'.

Open to everyone the programme comprises:

Day one, 'Crowdfunding for beginners', will provide delegates with all the information and knowledge needed to make the right decision regarding funding their idea. 

Day two, 'Crowdfunding bootcamp', is a hands-on workshop for project creators who want to hear tips and advice on how to run a successful campaign. There will also be a mini-competition where the best campaign pitch will win a FREE professional video to promote their campaign. 

The conference is being organised and run by The Enterprise Office at City. The team are involved in their own crowdfunding campaign 'Connecting Tech City,' in partnership with the Centre for London and have supported several student entrepreneurs with their own campaigns, most notably Frank Milani and Matt Sandrini's Kickstarter campaign for 'Popcord', which raised over twice its target amount (£47,000).

"The purpose of CrowdCamp is to inspire, educate and support student and graduate entrepreneurs to surf the crowdfunding wave. Crowdfunding now offers the perfect opportunity for student and graduate entrepreneurs to 'get outside the classroom' to test and validate new ideas, capture early adopters and raise vital early stage capital." says Enterprise Education manager at City, Ben Mumby-Croft.

"Speaking as an enterprise educator, I strongly believe that being able to plan and execute a crowdfunding campaign is now the key first step on the entrepreneurial ladder. It also encourages student and graduate entrepreneurs to 'learn by doing' as opposed to the 'thinking about doing' approach of the traditional business plan."

For details on the conference visit the webpages

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