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The Student Impact Awards 2014

City students commended for their contributions to the University and the local community
by Sophie

The 5th annual Student Impact Awards has taken place at City University London. The event celebrates success in the Community Volunteering, Widening Participation Outreach, CityBuddies and Professional Mentoring programmes.

Almost 1000 students contribute to the University and the local community through schemes organised by the Student Development and WP Outreach teams.

nullFarah Gulli (LLB Law) was awarded the inaugural John Tibble 'Scholarship for Community Engagement'. Farah volunteers with the EC1 Connect team, which brings free information, advice and practical help to local estates at the edge of the City and beyond. The award of £1,000 recognises one student who has made an exceptional impact on the wider community.

The winner of the award was chosen by John Tibble, City's former Director of Student Services, who recently left the institution after 22 years. The award, which includes a scholarship of £1,000, recognises one student who has made an exceptional impact on the community. He commented:

"Making a positive difference in the lives of others requires reliability and conscientiousness, but also not being afraid to show a human heart, and to have some fun whilst you're doing it. I am delighted that the first Scholarship for Community Engagement should go to Farah Gulli".

The other award winners were:

nullAmbassador of the Year: Niresha Umaichelvam (LLB Law)
Nominated by WP Outreach Manager, Danielle Russo:

"During her two years with us, Niresha has proved herself to be an exceptional ambassador. She is dedicated to any initiative she works on and the contribution she makes to the pupils she works with is enormous. Niresha makes Higher Education seem accessible and appealing to young people, and presents a hugely positive view of City and of university life in general. Not only does she really engage with young people with genuine care and affection but she goes the extra mile to ensure that the facilitators of the activities are happy as well as always being on hand to help fellow ambassadors when they struggle".

Tutor of the Year: Rabah Kherbane (LLB Law)
Nominated by Harriet Goodman, Lifetime Opportunities Manager at St. Luke's Primary School:

"Rabah has an outstanding capacity to engage children and keep them focused and on task. He is dedicated and utterly reliable; he has a natural rapport with children but challenges them to do their best. All of his regular tutees have shown significant improvement in their writing over this term, and we know that his personalised impact has made a significant contribution to their learning".

nullAchievement in Volunteering: Imogen Proud (Bar Professional Training Course)
Nominated by fellow student Vanessa On:

"Without Imogen's contribution, the two clients at Hackney Community Law Centre who have so far been successfully represented would have had no representation at all. Law Centres are short-staffed and under-funded and are unable to represent even all the particularly vulnerable clients they have at Tribunals. Not only does Imogen represent the client in the Tribunal itself, she also looks after their well-being both before and after".

nullBuddy of the Year: Virginia Ivanova (LLB Law)
Nominated by her mentee Manpreet Johal:

"My buddy, Virginia is an amazing, intelligent and friendly buddy. She has helped me settle in well at the University and has always been available whenever I needed a chat. Virginia was my first friend at the University, and I could not have asked for a better buddy than her".

nullMost Developed Professional Mentee: Luke Davis (Actuarial Science)
Nominated by his mentor, Tim Puntan

"Luke fully engaged in the mentoring program from the day one. His diligence and enthusiasm has been impressive throughout, which is no mean feat given his ongoing commitments to his studies. Perhaps the best endorsement I can provide for Luke is that I would be delighted to have him work with me".

nullMost Committed Mentor: Silvia Van den Bruel, Marketing & Business Development Manager at 11 Stone Buildings
Nominated by her Mentee, Rabah Kherbane

"Silvia is quite simply brilliant. She is proactive in my achievement and is genuinely interested in my development. She has used her expertise to ensure I am fully equipped with the correct information going forward into a very competitive environment of employability, but beyond that, she has improved my ability to market myself remarkably on paper through practical advice I would have never had otherwise. I am truly lucky".

Outstanding Engagement with Young People: Anna Summersall (PG Language and Speech Therapy)

Nominated by WP Outreach Officer, Rupa Mistry

"Anna is fantastic with young people and jumps right in to building a rapport with the pupils she works with. She is very capable and I would be confident that she could work with any student or age group. She's stands out as one of our exceptional ambassadors and being a new to the role this year makes it all the more impressive".

Most Dedicated Volunteer: Aysha Matak (Informatics)

Nominated by Volunteer Co-ordinator, John Garces:

"Aysha has been a fantastic volunteer supporting PC Pals, our digital inclusion programme, for almost two years. She has taught elderly people basic computer skills and assisted people from our employability support programme with their IT skills. Her contribution has helped us tackle social isolation amongst our elderly community, as well as assisting the unemployed develop their IT skills to improve their chances in securing a job".

Find out more about the Community Volunteering, Widening Participation Outreach, CityBuddies and Professional Mentoring programmes at City on the website.

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