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Avoiding the looming crisis in healthcare

Professor Stanton Newman calls for cross-party cooperation on healthcare management, at major UK conference.
by Ben

nullProfessor Stanton Newman, Dean of City's School of Health Sciences, participated in a panel session at the third annual International Congress on Telehealth and Telecare, last week, and called for a cross-party approach to healthcare.

The annual event, organised by The King's Fund and co-sponsored by Philips Healthcare, brings together researchers, policy makers, practitioners and innovators interested in the design and application of technologies in healthcare.

Professor Newman, a specialist on management of chronic diseases, said: "We have a major national crisis in England and it won't be resolved without clear leadership on policy. Making decisions across election cycles is fundamental for long term plannig in healthcare to address the ageing agenda. Ideology needs to be set aside and we need to participate in a cross-party discussion about healthcare."

"In the UK, we need to learn how to scale things up. We already have effective projects in healthcare and next we need policy and leadership. It would be naïve to put in telehealth without transformation so we need to begin managing change now."

Other speakers explained how in their regions, committing to longer-term health policies, which are being upheld by successive governments, is helping them modernise their own over-stretched health and social care systems.

Professor George Crooks, medical director for Scotland's NHS 24, said: "In Scotland there was a change in government, but the policy has stayed consistent. Our political leaders are not making major policy decisions about health and social care systems based on politics,"

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