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Open Doors success for City nurses

City University London students perform admirably in the 'Open Doors' practice nurse programme.
by Ben

A group of practice nurses who have completed the 'Open Doors' programme joined those currently undertaking the programme to help the Department of Health with a scoping exercise, led by Wendy Nicholson (Nurse Advisor) from the Department of Health to ascertain training provision for Practice Nurses in England.

The Open Doors Programme was established late 2007 in response to Practice Nurse shortages and to help patients gain access to appropriate staff in Tower Hamlets.

NHS East London and the City recruits nurses, provides a peer support group as well as funding to backfill posts when student nurses attend University. It works closely with City University London to continually update the academic programme.

The BSc (Hons) Primary Care (Practice Nursing) programme, led by Marie Hill, is an essential part of the Open Doors programme. Overall, 72 per cent of graduates to this programme achieve Firsts or 2.1s.

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