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University streamlines student registration with help from IBM

City University London cuts student registration time by over 95 percent with innovative online process.
by Ruth Shepherd

For the first time this academic year, registration for students beginning their studies at City University London was carried out using an online system. The new system, which was created by the University and IBM, has cut the time it takes students to register with the University by over 95 percent; registration times have dropped from over three hours to less than ten minutes.

Students can now confirm personal details, make fee payment arrangements (where applicable) and enrol online with the University. The system is delivering significant benefits to students as it allows them to register at a time of their choosing and reduces the time they spend completing the process.

This academic year, approximately 90 percent of students registered online prior to arriving at the University and the process of ID checks and card production was completed in approximately five minutes. This is a vast improvement on the previous paper-based system, which took an hour to complete.

“We are pleased by the success of the new online registration system.  It has enabled university staff to offer more personalised support to students as well as considerably improving the overall student experience.” 

Helen Emerson, Academic and Professional Process Support Director, Information Services, City University London

The system also provides a number of benefits to City, including reduced paper usage and printing costs, reduced temporary staff costs and improved data collection resulting in statistics about the University’s intake being available more quickly. Furthermore, the data validation built into the online system will improve City’s management of information and reports submitted to the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA).

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