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Library services

At The City Law School you will have access to two dedicated law libraries, access to many online legal resources, an extensive IT network and our own acclaimed legal resource portal Lawbore.

Library Services

To support your study and learning needs you will have access to libraries based at our Northampton Square campus and at Gray's Inn Place.

The Northampton Square law library is situated in the Innovation Centre. Over the two floors you can access a wide variety of law textbooks, journals, statutes, law reports and many other legal reference tools and encyclopaedias to support your academic law studies. The law library at Gray's Inn Place houses specialist legal collections and library services dedicated to law students on professional programmes.

Our printed collections at both sites are enhanced by a suite of online legal databases with many resources, journals, law reports, and legal texts available online and with easy access off-campus. Both libraries have facilities to support group study and independent learning. A dedicated team of professional staff, qualified in law librarianship and trained in legal research are available to assist you with sourcing legal materials, researching the law and answering your queries.

Legal Practice Course
LPC students are able to access the Law Society Library in Chancery Lane, which is only five minutes walk from Gray's Inn Place.

Bar Professional Training Course
BPTC students are able to access their respective Inn's libraries, which focus solely on the needs of the practising bar. Most of the Inn's libraries are only a few minutes walk from Gray's Inn Place.


Lawbore The City Law School has its own legal resource portal, Lawbore. This portal gives you quick and easy access to the latest research materials, legislative updates and study news.