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Law Research

Institute for the Study of European Laws (ISEL)

The Institute for the Study of European laws (ISEL) is a leading centre for research and teaching on European law and policy.

About us

nullISEL provides an expert insight into the latest EU law developments and is proud to house a team of internationally renowned researchers and doctoral researchers, including Professor Panos Koutrakos, Professor Elaine Fahey and Emeritus Professor Sir Alan Dashwood.

ISEL researchers are the authors of leading research and they actively contribute to excellent scholarship, practice, Government and professional activities by making high-level contributions as to the legal, political and economic development of the EU and the relationship of the UK with the EU.

ISEL researchers also teach across a range of programmes at The City Law School’s undergraduate, postgraduate and professional practice programmes.

Our aims:

  • To shape cutting-edge research in European law
  • To convene an engaging public events programme to debate European law and policy
  • To provide expert analysis for practitioners and policy-makers across Europe
  • To develop the next generation of researchers in European law through research led teaching and PhD supervision

Our experts specialise in:

  • EU constitutional and administrative law
  • Brexit
  • EU trade law
  • Area of Freedom, Security and Justice (AFSJ)
  • EU competition law and policy
  • EU external relations
  • EU law and global governance
  • European human rights law
  • Laws of migration
  • Law of the EU common market
  • Media and intellectual property law
  • Transport law and regulation
  • EU citizenship law

Our scholars are interested in interdisciplinary collaborations and welcome opportunities for co-operation with experts in the academy and in practice.

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Dr Tawhida Ahmed

Dr Tawhida Ahmed is a Reader in Law and Associate Dean (Research) at The City Law School. Her research interests are in EU law and human rights, specializing in minority rights protection.

Dr Enrico Bonadio

Dr Enrico Bonadio is Lecturer in Law. He currently researches the field of European intellectual property law. He is Associate Editor and Intellectual Property Correspondent of the European Journal of Risk Regulation.

Professor Jason Chuah


Professor Jason Chuah is Head of Academic Law at The City Law School. He has published widely on international company, commercial and maritime law. His latest book is on Hardships in transnational commercial contracts: a critique of the legal, judicial and contractual remedies (Uitgeverij Paris BV).

Dr Marios Costa


Dr Marios Costa is Lecturer in Law at The City Law School. He is currently investigating legal accountability and the rules on standing of private parties seeking judicial review in the light of the Court's of Justice restrictive jurisprudence.

Professor Sir Alan Dashwood


Professor Sir Alan Dashwood is Professor of Law at City. He specialises in the law of the European Union, and appears regularly in proceedings before the Court of Justice of the EU. He was the founding Editor of European Law Review.

Dr Carmen Draghici

Dr Carmen Draghici is a Senior Lecturer in Law and the School's Visiting Scholars Programme Director. She specializes in International Human Rights Law and Family and Child Law. Her research focuses in particular on the development of the law of the European Convention on Human Rights. Her most important recent project was a book titled The Legitimacy of Family Rights in Strasbourg Case Law: ‘Living Instrument’ or Extinguished Sovereignty? (Oxford: Hart Publishing, 2017).

Dr Elaine Fahey

Dr Elaine Fahey is a Senior Lecturer in Law. Her research interests are EU law, Global Governance, the EU's Area of Freedom, Security and Justice (AFSJ), post-national rule-making, security, crime and criminalisation.

Sarah Gale

Dr Sarah Gale is a Reader in Law and Associate Dean (International) at The City Law School. She is a contributor to the Butterworths Annual European Law Review and is cases editor for Current European Law.

Nick Hatzis

Nick Hatzis is Lecturer in Law at The City Law School.

Dr Andriani Kalintiri

Dr Andriani Kalintiri is a Lecturer at City Law School specialising in competition law. Her research interests lie in the formulation of substantive and procedural rules in competition enforcement and her work to date has examined questions of evidence and judicial review in the application of the EU competition provisions. She is a member of the editorial team of the Journal of European Competition Law & Practice, as well as the book reviews editor of the European Competition and Regulatory Law Review.

Dr Ioannis Kalpouzos

Dr Ioannis Kalpouzos is Lecturer in Law at The City Law School. His research focuses on the areas of the Law of Armed Conflict and International Criminal Law but also includes various aspects of General Public International Law.

Professor Panos Koutrakos

Professor Panos Koutrakos is Professor of European Law at The City Law School. In addition to EU external relations, Panos writes on the law of the single market, with emphasis on the free movement of goods and services. He is the joint editor of the European Law Review.

Anna Labedzka

Anna Labedzka is working on a thesis entitled 'The European Union and shaping of its neighbourhood: in pursuit of stability, security and prosperity'.

Isabella Mancini

Isabella Mancini is a research student under the Horizon 2020 project on Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership Innovative Training Network (TTIP-ITN). The working title of her thesis is “On Global Law: the Democratisation of Global Governance”.

Joanne Moss


Joanne Moss is Lecturer in Law at The City Law School. Her research interests include mega-cities,EU select regulation, agriculture, fisheries and marine protection.

Dr Jed Odermatt

Dr Jed Odermatt is a Lecturer at the City Law School, whose research interests include public international law, the law of international organizations, and EU external relations law. He has particular expertise in the interaction between the EU and international legal orders. His current research focuses on the law and practice of international courts, in particular the Court of Justice of the European Union.

Katherine Reece-Thomas

Katherine Reece-Thomas is Reader in Law at The City Law School. Her research interests include public international law and company law. She is an expert on the law of state immunity.

Ryan Stones

Ryan Stones is a Lecturer at the City Law School. Ryan's research interests lie at the intersection between competition law and legal theory. He is the module leader for the LLB Competition Law elective, and also teaches Public Law on the GDL programme.

Dr Steven Truxal


Dr Steven Truxal is Lecturer in Law at The City Law School. His specialist research focuses on the issues surrounding competition and environmental regulation of air transport. Steven is particularly interested in how 'regulation' and multilevel decision-making impacts on and implicates airlines, air cargo carriers and firms in industries complementary to air transport.

Eugenio Vaccari

Eugenio Vaccari is a research student researching corporate and insolvency law. The working title of his thesis is "Insolvency Statutory Rules and Contractual Freedom: Two Sides of the Same Coin". This is a comparative thesis that will delve into some common and civil law countries, including some EU Member States.

Professor Philippa Watson

Professor Philippa Watson is Professor in Law at The City Law School. Her research interests lie in the sphere of EU social & employment law and competition law. She has recently published (with Evelyn Ellis) EU Antidiscrimination Law (OUP, November 2012). The second edition of her monograph EU Social and Employment law (OUP) will be published in March 2014. She is Secretary to the UK Association for European Lawy (UKAEL)

Professor Daniel Wilsher

Professor Daniel Wilsher is Professor in Law at The City Law School. He researches in the fields of public, competition, energy, EU and immigration law. His book Immigration Detention: Law, History, Politics (Cambridge University Press, 2011) was the first study of this important issue. He is currently engaged in a project looking at the interaction of competition and climate policies in European Law.

Dr Adrienne Yong

Dr Adrienne Yong is Lecturer in Law at The City Law School. She researches EU citizenship law and European human rights, and is interested in the human rights effects of the UK’s withdrawal from the EU on EU citizens in the UK and British citizens in the EU. She is on the Editorial Board of the European Human Rights Law Review, to which she contributes a Bulletin on the Charter of Fundamental Rights.


Upcoming events

Details to be confirmed when available

  • Dr Stephanie Reynolds, University of Liverpool on “What does Brexit tell us about the evolution of EU citizenship?” on 13 Feb 2019, 1-3pm
  • Dr Diego Acosta Arcarazo, University of Bristol on “The National versus the Foreigner in South America. 200 Years of Migration and Citizenship Law” on 20 Mar 2019, 1-3pm
  • Dissemination roundtable in early 2019 on ‘The Brexit effect on the private and family lives of EU citizens in the UK’.
  • Book launch in spring 2019 for ‘The Rise and Decline of Fundamental Rights in EU Citizenship’ (Hart Publishing 2019) by Dr Adrienne Yong

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EU Foreign Policy, Brexit and Transatlantic Relations

21 November, 2018

Tait Building, City, University of London

The European Union, alongside NATO, used to be a steadily expanding feature of Transatlantic cooperation for more than half a century. However, “Brexit” and other developments have rocked the Atlantic space in a way that few observers would have anticipated less than two years ago. Today, the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is “in the freezer”, the American President has called NATO “obsolete” and the EU a “foe”, while Brexit negotiations appear stuck in irreconcilable differences. Taking trade and security as salient case studies, the presentation will delve into the rupture in transatlantic treaty relations caused by Brexit and the ways in which the future UK-EU relationship will continue to affect Britain’s post-EU “special relationship” with the US.

Modelling convergence of the EU with the world: taking, receiving and becoming EU law

2 November, 2018

University Building, City University of London

This workshop focuses upon the place of the EU in the world and global trade and examines how to model convergence. The workshop explores: who and what are the subjects and objects of convergence as to the EU and the world? How do ‘court-centric’ and less ‘court-centric’ approaches differ? How and should we understand the EU’s bilateral, multi-lateral and inter-organisational practice as convergence?

Justice, Injustice and Brexit

19 October, 2018

The Northampton Suite, City University of London

This workshop and project undertakes an exploration of ideas of justice and injustice in the context of Brexit. We ask, whose justice is affected by Brexit? What justice is affected by Brexit? What does a just society look like?  Whether Brexit is perceived as one of justice or injustice is related strongly to our perspective on the kind of British, European and global society we want and envisage. The project offers critical reflections upon gender, race, ethnicity, governance, trade, migrants, culture and constitutional law, in the context of Brexit and reflects upon the role of national and international authorities, as well as civil societies. It considers: justices and injustices of Brexit pervade national, European and global spaces, and, being extraordinarily multifaceted in nature, call for pause and renewed reflection on the ways in which models of ‘united in diversity’ can be achieved, if indeed they can be achieved. The event and project also consider concerns around how a ‘just’ Brexit is to be evaluated, including what objective analytical tools are appropriate to evaluate this. It reflects upon the need for objective methodological tools to rigorously analyse and question our understanding of whether and how national and global governance affect the pursuance of a just society.

Rationales for Regulation of ‘Posted Work’: Options for a Post-Brexit Model

17 October, 2018

Tait Building, City University of London

Speaker: Professor Tonia Novitz, University of Bristol

The 2nd Cross-Border Corporate Insolvency & Commercial Law Research Group Conference

27th April, 2018

Scala Civium: Citizenship Templates Post-Brexit & the EU's Duty to Protect the EU

11th April, 2018

Speaker: Professor Dora Kostakopoulou, University of Warwick

Beyond Uber: The sharing economy as a challenge for EU law

21st March, 2018

Speaker: Professor Vassilis Hatzopoulos

Learning from the TTIP Negotiations: Looking Backwards and Forwards at Global Trade

19th March, 2018


The Principal/Agency Model: Pitfalls, Law and Lessons from Energy

14th February, 2018

Guest Speaker: Dr Oana Stefan, King's College London

Fundamental Rights and Copyright Law in the EU

7th February 2018

Speaker: Professor Tuomas Mylly’

Fundamental Rights and Brexit

6th December 2017, 1-3pm

Speaker: Dr Tobias Lock, University of Edinburgh

Modelling Divergence(s) and Convergence(s) of the EU in the World

24th November 2017, 8:30 am

Modelling EU Convergence and Divergence in the Global Legal Order

8th November 2017, 3pm

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ISEL in the media

Professor Elaine Fahey speaks on BBC World TV (14 September 2018) on Business Briefing about transatlantic relations, global trade, Trump tariff wars, the WTO & the G20 Argentina.

Professor Elaine Fahey on BBC World News (2 March 2018) discussed claims of Brussels attempting a land grab in relation to the Irish border issue, and the EU possibly taking the UK to the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU):

Professor Panos Koutrakos gave evidence to the Environmental Audit Committee looking into the reduction of UK F-gas emissions including the impact Brexit will have on the UK's international agreements in connection with these emissions.

Dr Elaine Fahey on BBC Radio Five Live on December 8th 2017 discussing the recent Brexit agreement breakthrough and the guarantee of no hard border between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland:

Dr Elaine Fahey speaking on BBC Business (November 23rd 2017) about EU-Switzerland talks and implications for Brexit:

Dr Elaine Fahey on BBC World (TV) on November 10th 2017 discussing the sixth round of trade talks between the UK and the EU: