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British Academy Project

Dr Elaine Fahey is a 2016 recipient of a British Academy/Leverhulme research grant.

The grant will enable her to carry out the research project titled, “Between Internal Laws and Global Practices: UN Instruments in the EU’s Area of Freedom, Security and Justice”, over 12 months, beginning in November 2016.

Project abstract

The recent migration crisis placed the EU as a global actor in an uncomfortable spotlight as it was strongly critiqued by the UN for its failure to act. The crisis brings into focus the question how does the EU’s global action relate to its internal laws? UN instruments are the most frequently cited norms of EU law and the EU treaties give the UN system respect and primacy. In turn, the UN is exceptional in the place that it accords to the EU as a global legal actor. However, beyond the UN, the EU has recently had a limited impact in the global legal order. This project studies the gap between the 'outside in' and the 'inside out' by focusing upon the use of UN instruments as external norms and standards in EU rule- making in its Area of Freedom, Security and Justice (AFSJ). It assesses how the EU promotes and obtains its norms in its AFSJ, and its specific place in the global legal order. The project seeks to generate transparency as to how we understand EU rule-making practices, and to develop our understanding of the relationship between EU law and global governance.

Subject: EU Law

Academic: Professor Elaine Fahey