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  1. Centre for Language Communication Sciences Research
    1. Adult Assessment & Intervention of Language & Speech Disorders
    2. Development Assessment & Intervention Research in Speech & Language
    3. Speech, Phonology & Linguistics
    4. Gesture, Deafness & Sign Language
    5. Very Early Processing Skills (VEPS)
School of Health Sciences

Centre for Language Communication Sciences Research

The Centre for Language Communication Sciences Research carries out research into all aspects of speech, language and communication disorders, as well as typical speech and language. Key themes include: the nature and long term consequences of developmental language impairment, language and disadvantage, and therapy both for developmental and acquired disorders. Deafness and sign language is another focus of interest, with investigations of typical and impaired sign language use.

The research is renowned for its interdisciplinary nature, its novelty and clinical relevance. Studies have influenced clinical and educational practices both in the UK and overseas, and have developed new clinical tools, e.g. for the early identification of language impairment. The Centre has an on-site speech and language therapy clinic, and active collaborations with academic and clinical partners in the UK and internationally.

The Centre comprises 33 members of research and academic staff and 23 doctoral students, organised into 5 active research groups. Since 2008, the Centre has been engaged in current and recent projects to the value of over £12M, stimulating a range of research outputs including over 174 peer-reviewed journal publications.

The Centre hosts the Very Early Processing Skills research project (VEPS) which has been funded by two Economic and Social Research Council grants. Read more about the project.

The Centre comprises four research groups:

  1. Adult Assessment and Intervention of Language and Speech Disorders
  2. Development Assessment and Intervention Research in Speech and Language
  3. Speech, Phonology and Linguistics
  4. Gesture, Deafness and Sign Language

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