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Unitemps at City, University of London helps local businesses to recruit for and manages temporary and part-time vacancies including internships through our recruitment and payroll function at City. Our candidates are students and graduates of City, University of London.

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Unitemps is an online 360-degree recruitment solution attracting applications and managing online timesheet processing, legislative compliance and budget tracking. Unitemps is an ethical approach to recruitment allowing businesses to recruit students and graduates quickly and risk free.

We also offer an ‘advert only service’ which allows business to use Unitemps to advertise their roles through the Unitemps website.

If you are an external business and you would like to find out how Unitemps can help you recruit, please contact Lydia Hughes, Unitemps Branch Manager on +44 (0)20 7040 4684 or at

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Features and benefits

University owned, Unitemps is a complete recruitment solution that is changing the way employers recruit university students and graduates through its ethical, quality and community approach.

Here at City, University of London, our team is committed to helping employers find talented students and graduates who will add value to their business.  We have access to a database of over 100,000 students, graduates and skilled workers nationwide and our experienced team are ready to fill your vacancies, even if it's for the same day.

We prioritise our student experience over profit.  All revenue generated by City Unitemps is reinvested back into our University services to support our students and graduates.

How can we help?

  • Full-time and part-time staff
  • Temporary roles, internships and permanent roles
  • Students looking for part-time work and internships
  • Graduates who have finished their studies
  • Quick and risk-free recruitment
  • A platform to employ and pay candidates for you
  • We are based within the university careers department, which also gives you the opportunity to attend career fairs and employer-related events
  • Being part of the wider Unitemps network means Unitemps City is supported by employment and recruitment professionals on a day-to-day basis
  • People not profit approach - our consultants don't work on commission

What types of roles can we recruit for?

  • Events staff
  • Marketing assistants
  • Research executives
  • Promotional staff
  • Administration roles
  • Internships
  • IT support
  • Translation
  • Reception staff
  • And many other sectors

Who are our students?

City has approximately 20,000 students, of which 25% are international, 10% are EU and 65% are from the UK.  Our identity is orientated around business and the professions, which means a strong emphasis on employability and a professional course portfolio.  We are organised into 5 Schools: The Business School (formerly Cass), The City Law School, the School of Health Sciences, the School of Arts & Social Sciences, and the School of Mathematics, Computer Science & Engineering.  We are based in Central London.

We joined the University of London federation in 2016.  We are proud of our contribution to social mobility in our London community; approximately 60% of our  UK undergraduate students are classed as from a widening participation background.  75% are from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic backgrounds, and 80% commute for over 30 minutes from a non-student residence.

Recruitment packages and prices

Option 1 - Flexible recruitment

Our most popular service, allowing the employer complete flexibility.  We can advertise your role, promote it to relevant candidates, send suitable CVs and organise interviews for you, all for free.

We manage all the employment and payment of your worker.  Their hours are managed through an online timesheet system to allow you complete control.  We invoice you monthly for their accumulated hours.  The role can be ended at any time, making this recruitment risk-free for you.

The hourly charge rate is from 15% which includes the worker's hourly pay, NI contributions, holiday pay and our payroll charge.

Use our Recruitment booking form to book now

Option 2 - Permanent graduate hire

Hire one of our graduates directly into a permanent position without paying commercial recruitment fees.  We advertise your role, promote it to relevant candidates, send suitable CVs and organise interviews for you, all for free.  On appointment of a successful candidate we charge a low fee starting from 10% of the candidate's starting salary plus VAT.

We also offer a rebate period if on the rare occasion the placement does not work out:

  • Role ends in month 1 - 100% of the fee reimbursed
  • Role ends in month 2 - 75% of the fee reimbursed
  • Role ends in month 3 - 50% of the fee reimbursed

Use our Recruitment booking form to book now

Option 3 - Internship model

Hire a City student or graduate directly for a 12-week internship.

We manage the recruitment process for you and on appointment we charge a flat fee plus VAT: up to 12 weeks from £1000.

If the internship is extended or a permanent role is offered, then an additional fee from £500 will be charged (dependent on the job role).

Use our Recruitment booking form to book now

Option 4 - Job advertising service

If you have the resource in place to manage your own recruitment but want a platform to advertise your vacancy to a large group of London-based students and graduates to boost applications, then this is the servce for you.

Your role will be advertised for up to 6 weeks on the Unitemps website and this will accompany a mailshot to our active database.  We can also do targeted mailshots to students and graduates on specific courses.

Price: from £350 plus VAT.

Use our Unitemps advert ony booking form to book now

Graduate recruitment service

Trial talented graduates in your organisation

Your recruitment partner for graduate employment

Unitemps at City, University of London is your local, university-owned recruitment agency, which specialises in sourcing quality candidates for job vacancies in Central London.

Part of a global network, we provide a complete recruitment service for temporary and permanent positions, alongside our new initiative, the Unitemps Graduate Internship.

The Unitemps Graduate Internship

This internship has been developed to provide employers with an uncomplicated and accessible opportunity to trial a graduate in their organisation.  The complete service includes:

  • Job advertising, monitoring applications and shortlisting
  • Interviews arranged at a time convenient for you
  • Payroll, invoicing and timesheets managed by Unitemps (timesheets are signed off by managers)
  • Tailored online systems for managing candidate records and timesheets
  • In-house compliance team ensuring legislative compliance is maintained
  • Opportunity to hire the graduate at the end of the trial at a competitive rate

Five reasons to try the scheme

Your hassle-fee opportunity to try out a graduate, with Unitemps managing the search and selection process, payroll, invoicing and timesheets

  • When the scheme was piloted by Unitemps Staffordshire, approximately 85% of graduates were hired on a permanent basis after participating in the scheme
  • Trial a graduate for a 12-week period and find out if they're a good fit for your organisation.  You decide if you would like to offer them a permanent role at the end of the internship
  • It's cost effective - make savings by trialling a graduate in your organisation at a reduced rate on the Unitemps Graduate Internship
  • Unitemps is a university-owned organisation with 20 years' experience in the sector
  • Our consultants apply an ethical, quality and community-centric approach to your recruitment.