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Unitemps offers students and recent graduates the chance to gain paid employment both at City and externally.

Key Information

Unitemps continues to work remotely for the autumn term. Please get in touch with us by emailing or calling 0207 040 8026 and we will be able to help.

Unitemps is City, University of London’s onsite temporary Recruitment Agency. We offer roles at all levels, helping students, graduates and external candidates find temporary, permanent and paid internship roles both onsite at the University and externally with businesses in and around central London.

Key figures from Academic Year 2018/19

  • City students and graduates earned over £943,423 working through Unitemps
  • We filled over 5149 job assignments. Over 80% of these roles we filled by City students and graduates.
  • We turned over nearly £2.5 million in revenue.
  • Over 3,366 new candidates signed up to Unitemps, City Branch
  • Around 1221 students worked Unitemps at least once in the academic year

Benefits of using Unitemps

  • We provide, part time, full time and 0 hour temporary roles, enabling candidates to choose the hours they would like to work
  • Gain transferable skills and experience and leave university with fully rounded CV and Cover letter
  • CV and cover letter advice
  • Candidates will have the opportunity to network with fellow students and staff and in external workplaces
  • Understanding of how the workplace works

How to sign up

  • Go to and select 'City' as the branch you would like to search for job.
  • Click 'Register with Unitemps' to create your online record and upload your CV. Make sure you select City as your branch in order to receive email notifications of all job opportunities we offer
  • If you're interested in a job and meet all the requirements, please attach a cover letter and your CV
  • Our Unitemps team will contact you if you have been selected for an interview. You can track the progress of your application in your Unitemps account.

Your first assignment with Unitemps / eligibility to work check

If your application is successful you will need to complete an Eligibility to work check before you start your first assignment. Currently right to work checks are being carried out remotely via Teams or Zoom. One of the team will be in touch to arrange this with you however you will need to provide the Unitemps team with the following:

  1. Your bank details
  2. Your National Insurance number (Please check the government website for more information if you do not have a NI number.
  3. Documents to prove your eligibility to work in the UK (A full list can be found on our website here).
  4. Tier 4 Students- If you are a Tier 4 student then you will also need to bring along proof of your term dates. Please speak to your Course Office and request a Right to work/ Proof of term dates letter.

For details on the Tier 4 Visa working restrictions please click here

Unitemps of The Year Awards

Welcome to the virtual Unitemps of the Year Awards 2020!

Join us in celebrating this years nominees and winners by watching the premiere streaming of the virtual Unitemps of the Year Awards at 6pm on Thursday 23rd July.

You can also read the full listings of nominees, runners-up and winners in the dropdown below.

Unitemps of the Year Awards 2020

Unitemps of the Year Awards 2020 Runners-up and Winners

See nominees in each category below.  Winners will be posted at 9am Friday 24th July 2020.

Invigilator Award

Recognising Invigilators who work hard to ensure the fair and proper conduct of examinations in an environment that enables exam candidates to perform at their best.


  • Chris Bentham
  • Sonja De Winter
  • Gulbanu Damani
  • Gabrielle Bey
  • Ruth Morrison
  • Prakash Gaglani

Runners up:

  • Sonja De Winter
  • Gulbanu Damani
  • Gabrielle Bey

Winner: Chris Bentham

Hiring Manager Award

Recognising Hiring managers who play a key role in supporting temporary staff during their time in their assignment through Unitemps.


  • Sabrina Neeranjohn and Elliot Viola
  • Estanis Bouza
  • Hannah Bowles
  • Jason Barlow
  • Tom Glynn
  • Karine Frame and Gowri Jeevaratnam
  • Margaret Field
  • Jack Lewis
  • Hannah Roberts
  • Leanne Allen
  • Sophie Harrison

Runners up:

  • Estanis Bouza
  • Hannah Bowles
  • Jason Barlow
  • Tom Glynn

Winner: Sabrina Neeranjohn & Elliot Viola

Student Union Temp Award

Recognising temporary workers supporting the City Student Unions Team


  • Edward Armitage
  • Kirthan Ethirajulu Kalaivani
  • Maryam Mirza
  • Amanda Bänziger

Runner up: Maryam Mirza

Winner: Amanda Bänziger

Santander/GradVantage Award

Paid internships for City graduates with SME companies, part funded by Santander Universities


  • Samreen Babar
  • Raquel Fernandes

Runner up: Samreen Babar

Winner: Raquel Fernandes

Temporary City Staff Award

Recognising Temporary workers who support departments to ensure continuity of the University's services.


  • Paul Gurney
  • Luke Tame
  • Joe Murphy
  • Erika Rodriguez
  • Atina Dimitrova
  • Iynkaran Thirunathan
  • Lucia Macchia
  • Ernestina Palm

Runners up:

  • Luke Tame
  • Joe Murphy
  • Erika Rodriguez

Winner: Paul Gurney

Student Ambassador Award

Student ambassadors are here to represent City at events on and off campus. Recognising the importance of their work. Without them City events will not be possible.


  • Chiara Astore
  • Giulia Basana
  • Nicolo Todde
  • Estelle Machin
  • Benjamin Frost
  • Anisa Connie
  • Savvas Soteriou
  • Andreas Lysiotis
  • Nora Saghi
  • Aoife Scanlan

Runners up:

  • Giulia Basana
  • Nicolo Todde
  • Estelle Machin

Winner: Chiara Astore

Unitemps of the Year 2020 Award

Recognising Temporary workers who have gone above and beyond in their role and have left a positive impression.


  • Matteo Ceccarelli
  • Davide Lazzaro
  • Edward Armitage

Runners up:

  • Matteo Ceccarelli
  • Davide Lazzaro

Winner: Edward Armitage

Unitemps of the Year Awards 2019

Wow what an evening it was...

On Wednesday 20th March 2019 City, University of London hosted the third Unitemps of the Year Awards.

There were some amazing nominations this year and it was brilliant to hear about all the hard work contributed by temporary staff and to learn about how supportive hiring managers have been.

Unitemps (City) are proud of all the individuals that have been placed in roles and of all the managers who go the extra mile to develop their temps.

Congratulations to all nominees and winners this year!

Unitemps of the Year Awards 2019 Runners-up and Winners

Invigilator Award

Runners-up: Bojan Nikolic, Howard Bromelow

Winner: Helen Thomas

Hiring Manager Award

Runners-up: Katharine Knight, Mona Vadher

Winner: Marilyn Parris-Bell

2019 winner Marilyn Parris-Bell

Student Union Temp Award

Runners-up: Shannen Stafford

Winner: Nuridin Jan Niyazi

Full-time Temp Award

Runners-up: Barnabas Csukas, Kaitlyn Loughlin

Winner: Selin Keskin

Unitemps Awards 2019 winner Selin Keskin

Student Ambassador Award

Runners-up: Zack Sardar, Maryam Anis

Winner: Sophie Carmichael

Unitemps Awards 2019 winner Sophie Carmichael

Unitemp of the Year Award

Runners-up: Tom Kell, Iain Leach

Winner: Birsem Tilki

Unitemps of the Year 2019 Winner - Birsem Tilki:

“I would like to say a big thank you to the Unitemps team members for the support and the kindness they have had provided over the course of nearly three years. It has been a pleasure being part of Unitemps. I have thoroughly enjoyed all the roles and assignments up to date, as well as working at the university in various departments with such lovely colleagues and hiring managers who had a tremendous part in my personal development.
I am honoured, pleased and humbled to be chosen as a winner and accept this award!”

Unitemps Awards 2019 winner Birsem TilkiUnitemps Award 2019 winner Birsem Tilki

Runners-up and winners

All the winners in 2019, standing with their certificates

Unitemps of the Year Awards 2018

We would like to say a massive thank you to all those who attended our second Unitemps of the Year Awards at City on Thursday 12th April 2018. We celebrated and rewarded the hard work, dedication and outstanding contributions that temps and hiring managers have made over the past year.

Unitemps (City) are proud of all the individuals that we have placed in roles and of all the managers who go the extra mile to develop their temps.

We would like to congratulate all nominees and winners this year!

Unitemps of the Year Awards 2018 Nominees and Winners

Invigilator Award

Nominees: Bojan Nikolic; Sophen Tew; Paul Richards; Jacqueline Hind

Shortlist: Sophen Tew; Paul Richards

Winner: Sophen Tew

Hiring Manager Award

Nominees: Katharine Knight; Marius Stancu; Jason Barlow; Joe Thuraisamy; Marilyn Parris-Bell; Miles Battye; Ben Copsey; Thalia Anagnostopoulou; Russell Best; Leanne Allen

Shortlist:; Leanne Allen; Ben Copsey; Marilyn Parris-Bell

Joint Winners: Leanne Allen and Ben Copsey

External Temp Award

Nominees: Jack Fargher; Eleanor Gill; Wei Qiang Lim

Shortlist: Wei Qiang Lim; Eleanor Gill

Winner: Eleanor Gill

Student Ambassador Award

Nominees: Bhavik Patel; Anne Marie Schofield; Charlotte Erin Bird; Homaira Rahimi; Menka Shah; Thomas Robert Edward Kell; Tommaso Ciani Sciolla; Maria Chiara De Vito; Godswill Udo; Birsem Tilki; Heena Kapoor; Jasmine Sookprechar; Danisha Mudalige; Rebeca Torres; Tanzyla Khan Tareen; Dillon Thompson; Yi Jiun Tan; Olivia Mante; Syeda Sadia Khatun Choudhury; Haneefa Yousaf; Marie Wemme; Ali Ahdash; Arjun Sarai; Magdalena Farynska; Zonaah Tariq

Honourable mentions: Jasmine Sookprechar; Syeda Sadia Khatun Choudhury; Anne Marie Schofield; Rebeca Torres; Maria Chiara De Vito

Shortlist: Birsem Tilki; Charlotte Erin Bird; Tanzyla Khan Tareen

Winner: Tanzyla Khan Tareen

Unitemp of the Year Award

Nominees: Ana Lanchin; Sathya Mathivanan; Ernestina Palm; Abigail Hardiman; Thomas Alcock; Leanne Allen; Maria Parvez; Saddam Miah; Selin Keskin; Glens Andersons; Carolina Are; Marwa Sharif; Mustapha El Bouabi; Devlin Nangpal; Homaira Rahimi; Chantal Gyamfi

Shortlist: Ernestina Palm; Selin Keskin; Carolina Are

Winner: Ernestina Palm

Thank you so much for giving me the award of Unitemp of the Year 2018. I am so grateful.

I would like to thank Unitemps as my employer and giving me the opportunity to work with them. Not only were Unitemps my employer but also my sponsors; helping me to fund my studies.

I would like to thank everyone that I have ever worked with and everyone I have worked for, as you have all given me great memories and helped me to build my character.

For everyone who has worked through Unitemps, this just goes to show how much hard work is still relevant. Always just give your best and push forward. No matter what you are going through there will always be a light at the end of the tunnel. Keep pushing and your hard work will pave way for you!

- Ernestina Palm, Unitemp of the Year 2018

We look forward to next year’s celebration!

Annual Conference

Unitemps Annual Conference 2019

Unitemps at City attended the Annual Unitemps Conference in July 2019 at the University of Warwick.

This is attended by all 15 universities who have a Unitemps branch and it’s a great opportunity to reflect on the latest developments across the network, attend various training sessions and celebrate Unitemps achievements over the past 12 months.

The Awards evening and meal closed the conference and the Unitemps, City team came back with the most prestigious award of the night along with a couple of others:

Branch of the year 2018:

City University of London

Long Service Award (5 Years):

Connie Marcell

Connie Marcell with her award at the Unitemps Conference 2019

External Consultant of the Year:

Runner up: Lydia Hughes

Unitemps Annual Conference 2017

Attending the conference was a great opportunity to: reflect on the latest developments across the network, attend various training sessions and celebrate Unitemps achievements over the past 20 years.

The Awards evening and meal closed out the first day of the conference and the Unitemps, City team came back with the following:

Newcomer of the Year:

Kay Shah (Branch Manager at City)

Turnover Milestone:

City, University of London reached £10m turnover since opening in 2012

Candidate Testimonials

City University Unitemp Success Stories

Giulia Basana – BSc Journalism, tells us about her Unitemps journey and how the service impacted her student experience.

George Louca – BSc Accounting and Finance (2017-2020)

George LoucaDuring my 3 years as a student at City University, I’ve had a wide variety of roles ranging from a Programme Seller at a Classic Car show on Oxford Street to a two week stint at Kings College London as a Room Surveyor, working at a Conference in the News Building (“the Baby Shard”) to working as a Student Ambassador in London’s Excel Arena.

Two of the most interesting long term roles I’ve undertaken was firstly as a Research Assistant with the Cass Strategy Insight Lab. This was a study backed by a £2 million investment from the UK Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) within its Business Basics scheme. I met many budding entrepreneurs and helped to run a 7 week training programme for them.

The other was as a Web Content Assistant with the web team (8 people) who sit within the marketing department. The team oversees the University's internal and external facing website and I interact with all sorts of different stakeholders in updating the site. I started this role in the summer and due to its “flexi-working” policy I was able to combine this with my studies and fit the work around my lectures. The team are currently working towards Web 2020 – a new website for the University and it’s an interesting period to be working. I completed this Unitemps role in December, and this led to me being offered a fixed term contract with the team from January 2020 onwards!

How did you find the process of signing up to Unitemps and finding a job?

I found out about working at University during Fresher’s fair and it was something I kept in the back of my mind. Once I’d settled into University life, I signed up with the Unitemps team and quickly found many opportunities opening up, with all the jobs are advertised on the website. This process is easy, I use an uploaded CV and then write a short cover letter for each job I go for. There’s often quite varied roles going and the roles can last anything from a couple of hours to 3 months.

How did the team at your local branch assist you? Was there anything that stood out as particularly good customer service?

The team I believe do an excellent job, and the support is fantastic. I’ve never faced any major issues, and whenever I’ve had a query I’ve got a response back promptly. I can say especially Connie and Lydia has been really helpful. In my role this term, the Unitemps team were very accommodating in smoothing the path for me to continue as temp up till December.

What are the benefits that you have experienced as a result of working through Unitemps?

The benefits for me personally have been immeasurable. I’ve grown a lot as a person, and become a lot more confident and outgoing. This is from working with hundreds of different students and dozens of staff members, and being a representative of the University to the general public. I’ve made a lot of lasting friendships and through this have a great support network to turn to.

One of my initial motivations for turning to Unitemps at first was simply a way to earn a little extra money and contribute to my tuition fees as much as I could. It quickly however turned into the best part of University, and something I would genuinely look forward to.

I’ve enhanced my team working, leadership and networking skills, and have managed to showcase to potential employers these skills as well as working under pressure and time management. I secured a graduate job in Audit, and they were impressed with the scope of roles I’d carried out.

Would you recommend Unitemps to others like yourself/in your position, and if so, why?

I would greatly recommend Unitemps to any student looking to make the most of their time at University. It’s not only a good way to earn some pocket money, but it can teach students valuable life skills. I’ve made strong friendships through working with other students, and am still in touch with other graduates.

Selin Keskin - BSc Business Studies

Selin Keskin Selin Keskin graduated from City, University of London in 2017 with a 1st class degree in BSc Business Studies. Since then, she has worked in the Careers Service at City as Micro-Placements Programme Coordinator in the Employer Engagement team. Selin coordinates The Micro-Placements Programme, an initiative that provides students an opportunity to take on short-term, exciting projects at an employer’s office in the summer.

Why did you start temping through Unitemps at City?

As a former City student, I was looking a part- time/flexible work to fit around my studies and provide extra income to support me during my time as a student. I approached Unitemps due to the convenience of them being on campus, but also because I learned that they were a service that I felt had the student’s best interests at heart. The first role I applied for was a Marketing Student Ambassador role that fit the specification of the role I was looking for and I carried out this job for the duration of my Undergraduate degree. Moving forward, the simplicity of Unitemps Recruitment platform and the City student specific jobs role encouraged me to apply for further roles thereafter.

What kinds of roles have you taken on in your temping career through Unitemps at City?

As mentioned before, my first role as a student was the Marketing Student Ambassador role and the convenience of it being on campus in a familiar environment allowed me to balance my education and work priorities well. Therefore other roles have also been City related such as providing support at the University Open days and Taster days and carrying out campus visits etc. After graduating, I approached Unitemps to build up my work experience and took on a temporary Marketing and Events role in City’s Careers Service and a project coordination role working on a Placements Programme also in City’s Careers Service.

How did the flexibility of temping help you?

The flexibility element was one of the main reasons why I approached Unitemps. As my University workload was intense, I did not want to commit to a job that was fixed and could not work around my studies. Therefore, the fact that many of the roles I took on through Unitemps were temporary and allowed me to choose the hours I would work enabled me to balance my studies with gaining valuable work experience and an income concurrently. In addition after graduating, the flexibility of the jobs offered allowed me to again build up my work experience and gain an insight in to different career paths I could take.

What skills has your role(s) through Unitemps given you?

I have developed a number of practical skills that have been invaluable for me. The most important ones I would say is project management, administration, verbal and written communication, time management and organisational skills, but the list is endless!

If you could give temps one piece of advice, what would it be?

Take full advantage of the Unitemps Service, particularly if you are a City student. There are a number of opportunities Unitemps source that are exclusive to City students which is very beneficial given the competitiveness of the job market. Build your experience and network as you never know where this role may take you. An internship that was meant to last for three weeks ended up becoming a fixed term role that I applied for! Without Unitemps, I may never have had the experience to apply for my current role.

What are you doing now?

I am now a Micro-Placements Programme Coordinator in the City Careers service. The programme is an initiative that provides students an opportunity to take on short-term, exciting projects at an employer’s office in the summer.

Maria Loukou - Research & Enterprise Policy Officer at City University of London

I was in my second year of undergraduate degree and I desperately wanted to find a job. I tried applying in shops, stores, real estate agencies but nothing worked! One hot summer day, I was on campus and I decided to stop by Careers. There I met Kate and long story short, she gave me my first job. I started working for Unitemps in 2012. I was involved in so many different activities that someone asked me if I had a twin sister! I was everywhere!

Unitemps allowed me to study while earning money and allowed me to be on campus while gaining valuable employability skills that guaranteed my first full time job. From helping out in graduation ceremonies to giving campus tours to prospective students and their parents, from calling up graduates to covering the reception desk, to greeting highly esteemed guests in the Vice-Chancellor dinner, Unitemps gave me the opportunity to learn how departments like Marketing, Careers and the Student Centre worked. But most importantly, it gave me a work family and helped me create a diverse career in higher education.

I can share many positive stories about my time with Unitemps, but as we are running out of time, I want to leave you with one thought. As students we have a very specific idea of what we want to do and where we want to go career-wise. Some of you will follow exactly the path you have in mind, some of you won’t. But whatever you end up doing, Unitemps you will give you transferable skills that you can use at any time. Grab the opportunity today! You never know when you will need these skills!