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Open Source Systems

One of the most important concepts to emerge in the last decade or so is the idea of open source software development, sometimes known as free and open source software (FOSS). Examples include Linux, Apache, MySQL and PhP (LAMP). These technologies are having a significant impact on the world of electronic publishing.

Students will learn about the collaborative aspects of open source development, providing an overview of the development process, the stakeholders involved, the environment in which the process takes place (both online and offline), communication mechanisms, the reasons for using this kind of development, and legal developments in the field. Lectures and seminars are augmented by assessed group work.

Students' Feedback

  • This module is fascinating, contemporary and good for a wide range of professionals.
  • I loved this module, it was my favourite this semester and helped me select my dissertation topic.
  • The staff were very helpful, a knowledgable fun ride!
  • It was highly interactive, involved active participation from all students, which turned out to be very useful in gaining knowledge and a better understanding of the area.
  • We were consistently supported through our work and it was also enjoyable to be part of the teaching of the course through our group work and discussions.
  • Relevant, stimulating and interesting. The course leader was passionate about the subject.

EP Alumni who have taken this module include:

  • Mark Greaves - Journalist and Writer, London.
  • Manuel Vilas Lopez - Journalist, Spain.
  • Jean-Christophe Pascal - Webmaster at Courrier International, France.
  • Carolina Ribeiro Pietoso - Journalist, London and Brazil.