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Information Architecture

Why is it easy to find information in some digital information environments (such as Websites, mobile apps, Intranets, digital libraries), but difficult in others? Why do some digital information environments make it easy for us to find our way around, while others disorient us until we eventually get lost?

A good information architecture can help ensure that digital information environments are easy to navigate, well-labelled and well-organised. It can also help ensure that digital information environments are useful; both for their users and for meeting business objectives.

Information architecture involves devising schemes to support organisation, labeling and navigation within digital information environments. It involves the structural design of digital information environments to support users in finding and navigating through information. It is very important to design and structure digital information environments are so that users can find the information they need and find it easily.

The Information Architecture module will equip you with the knowledge, skills and values to help them achieve this. You will learn essential skills for designing digital information environments that are easy to navigate, well-labelled and well-organised. You will also get the chance to put these skills into practice by carrying out a realistic design project.

This module is taught by Dr Stephann Makri.