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  • Identify the key issues relating to the management of relational database systems and object-oriented database systems
  • Model the logical structure of database systems using different data models
  • Analyse data and document structures using different models
  • Create and query relational databases using SQL
  • Evaluate the new developments in data and document handling systems and understand their practical applications and implications.

Database management is arguably the most important component of a modern computing environment. Knowledge about database systems, as the underlying framework of information systems, has become an essential part of education in computer and information science. Databases have been and will continue to be the catalyst for many important developments in software engineering.

The general aim of this module is to prepare students for a professional career in database development, maintenance and management. This module aims to provide students with a theoretical and practical knowledge of databases systems and to equip students with a professional understanding of database systems technology.

Specifically, students will learn about: representing data, accessing and manipulating data stored in different formats by using specific query languages -- such as SQL -- and structured approaches to database modelling using relational database and entity-relationship modelling. They will also learn about data management, including: integrity, security, recovery and concurrency.

The use of XML and related technologies as a way of exchanging data between different database systems and applications will also be important part of this module.

Through the coursework and tutorials the students will learn how to develop a relational database system using SQL in the MySQL environment. They will also learn to design a database system conceptually and logically, and how to use the XML data format and related technologies.

Students' feedback

  • "It is a very interesting subject and quite useful."
  • "Likable teaching with good class involvement. Not boring at all!!"
  • "The MySQL is a valuable tool to learn."