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About City

About The City Law School

The City Law School is one of London’s major law schools, offering an impressive range of academic and professional courses.

Welcome from the Dean

It is my privilege to welcome you to The City Law School.

Our School Plan, in support of City’s Vision & Strategy 2026, builds upon our success in advancing City’s Vision 2016. Those achievements have given us the confidence to set ourselves an ambitious goal: to be recognised indisputably as a leading law school of the United Kingdom by 2026. My confidence in our ability to achieve our objective was enhanced further when City became a College of the University of London in 2016. For The City Law School, this brings practical and reputational benefits both now and in the future. We are a distinctive law school in the federation, but we are proud to share the commitment to excellence that membership of the University of London signifies.

A unique history

While we are aspirational in looking to the future, we are mindful of our unique past. The City Law School has a history of delivering legal education which dates back to the nineteenth century, in the form of the Inns of Court School of Law (ICSL). The ICSL has a distinguished history as the original and sole provider of bar training in the United Kingdom. The other chapter of our history can be found at Northampton Square. City established the Centre for Legal Studies in 1977 when it commenced delivery of the forerunner to the current Graduate Diploma in Law programme. In fact, City was the original provider of the ‘conversion course’. This was followed by other programmes, most notably the undergraduate Bachelor of Laws degree, which began in 1990.

In 2001, the ICSL joined City. Through this merger, the ICSL and the Centre for Legal Studies together formed The City Law School. With the development of the range of programmes which now make up our educational portfolio, we have become a ‘full service’ provider of legal education. The School is unique in offering such a broad portfolio while remaining committed to excellence in research and professional scholarship. Our expertise in professional practice also manifests itself through our wide ranging suite of pro bono clinics and can be seen in our track record of success in national and international mooting competitions.

New initiatives

While we acknowledge our history, we also recognise the need to be at the cutting edge of the changing landscape of legal education. Since my arrival at City as Dean in November 2018, we have successfully launched a number of new initiatives.

For example, our Distance Learning LLM in International Business Law has allowed us to develop our expertise in new modes of delivery. The programme is already producing cohorts of high qualified postgraduate students from diverse professional backgrounds worldwide.

The LLB in Legal Practice, also delivered largely by distance learning, represents the successful outcome of our strategic partnership with CiLEX Law School. It is aimed at those currently in employment as legal executives and thereby allows us to support the career progression of those legal professionals who aspire to become solicitors.

Finally, we led the sector in our engagement with the Trailblazer Solicitor Apprenticeship Scheme, again in partnership with CiLEX. The result was the first solicitor apprentice under the Scheme commencing employment in the legal department of ITV. Apprentices pursue a course of study under the leadership of our Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Department.

Sharing our vision

Our vision is to firmly establish The City Law School as a truly leading law school within a decade. My colleagues and I are working hard to achieve our Vision for The City Law School. We hope that we can count on our extended community of stakeholders to help us to achieve excellence. Whether you are a current student, alumnus, strategic partner, client either of our CPD Department or of our pro bono clinics, employer of our students and graduates, or otherwise a friend of the School, I want to express my appreciation for your ongoing support. I look forward to continuing to work with you and I welcome your opinions and ideas.

My colleagues and I are working hard to achieve our vision. We hope that you will join us, share our enthusiasm, and become part of the diverse community which is The City Law School. I hope to be able to welcome you in person to our law school in the near future.

Professor Andrew Stockley

Dean of The City Law School