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About City

Empowering natural child birth

Recently in December 2015, I was awarded my PhD in Midwifery from City University London, United Kingdom. I was the first midwife from Saudi Arabia to obtain a PhD in Midwifery. My PhD thesis investigated the use of interventions during the second stage of labour and explored what may affect their use in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. My aim is to empower women to have natural childbirth in Saudi Arabia and help in the development of direct entry midwifery programme that prepare competent qualified midwives.

My return to Saudi was overwhelming with all the effort that have been done to improve midwifery in Saudi Arabia. When I returned to Saudi Arabia, I worked as a part time Assistant Professor at King Abdulaziz University Jeddah at the Maternity and Child Nursing Department and just joined East Jeddah Hospital as Assistant Director of Nursing for Obstetrics and Gynaecology department. I participated in many conferences to present and share my PhD study results with other midwives and other interested professionals.

I was interviewed in a TV show to talk about the shortage of midwives in Saudi Arabia and the need to start up a direct entry midwifery programme like the one in the UK. I also was interviewed for Successful Portraits Program on Saudia Radio.

I am a member of Optimizing Maternal Mortality And Healthcare Advisory Team (OMMAHAT) that started in April 2015. I am also a founding board member and the Vice chairperson of the Saudi midwifery group (SMG) that was recently established in August 2015.

I was invited also to participate in the midwifery development project that is still running by the Ministry of Health.

I am drafting articles from my PhD thesis to be submitted to scientific Journals. Recently, with my PhD supervisors, we submitted an article and waiting for a reply!

Subject: Midwifery

Academic: Dr Roa Altaweli

Research Centre: Centre for Maternal and Child Health Research