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About City

Centre for Maternal and Child Health Research

The Centre for Maternal and Child Health carries out high quality research that aims to improve the health and care of women, children, families and communities.

In the Centre we recognise the close relationship between maternal and child health and the role of health services and the community in promoting population health. Our research is interdisciplinary and draws on a range of approaches to provide rigorous evidence to inform maternal and child healthcare, policy and practice.

The Centre has international partnerships with researchers in Europe, South America, Africa, Australia and India. We also have links with professional, voluntary and service user organisations, and local services through which our research has informed healthcare policy and services. Working with midwifery and nursing education at City, University of London, also enables rapid transfer of knowledge from research into education and practice.

The Centre comprises 31 academic and research staff and 18 doctoral students from a range of clinical, social science and health science backgrounds. Since 2008, the Centre has been engaged in current and recent projects to the value of £9 million, through research grants, consultancy and project work, and has a high profile of research outputs, including 87 peer-reviewed journal articles during this time.

Find out more about the Centre here.

The Centre is comprised of four research groups:

  1. Models of Care
  2. Public Health, Social Diversity and Inequalities in Maternal and Child Health
  3. Maternal and Child Mental Health
  4. Education and Care in the Community.

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