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About City

Centre for Health Services Research

Health Services Research is an interdisciplinary field of scientific inquiry that examines how best to deliver health care from the clinical, economic and patient perspectives, how best to use health care resources and how to involve patients in processes of care.

The research focus is on the 'patient care' end of the translational pathway that leads from basic science through to clinical research, implementation of research and improved health outcomes.

About the centre

The Centre's research portfolio covers many of the current topics that focus on how to deliver high quality health and social care in the context of an ageing population and also cost constraint. It focuses on the implementation and evaluation of health and social care services in the UK and internationally. Centre staff collaborate with research groups in the UK, Europe, Canada, USA and Australia.

The Centre comprises 5 research groups:

  1. Social Science Studies of Healthcare and Technology
  2. Health Psychology Research
  3. Acute and Critical Care Research
  4. Global Public Health Research
  5. Quality of Healthcare for Older People

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