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Graduate views: Tina Salih

Why did you choose Sociology with Psychology at City?

I have always had an interest in societies and how they function in a larger context. At the same time, I felt it was important to learn about the individuals that make up these societies so I could get a bigger picture.

I chose City because it was the only university that offered a combination of sociology with psychology. The curriculum was very appealing and the modules offered were of great interest to me. It also has one of the highest rates of graduate employment, which in this current economic climate is really important.

What was your favourite module?

I really enjoyed all my criminology classes, particularly Youth, Crime and Society which explored how young people in the UK are portrayed and conceptualised based on social constructions that disseminate through society and the media. My lecturer, Dr Carrie-Anne Myers, was great in helping us understand concepts and ideas, with a unique energy that made the classroom very lively.

Were there any lecturers who inspired you during your course?

All the lecturers in our department were absolutely brilliant and inspiring in their own ways.

Dr Liza Schuster was one of the first people we came across on the course. She provided an energy that made every student enthusiastic about the course, which set us up nicely for the next three years.

Dr Chris Greer is a criminologist whom I had the privilege of having as my lecturer. His attitude towards teaching and the students encouraged us to develop our knowledge beyond what was taught on the course.

Dr Monica Magadi was another outstanding lecturer. She taught me statistical methods within a semester which I desperately needed to learn for my dissertation. Her patience and optimism helped me immensely throughout my final semester when everything seemed almost impossible. I could write endlessly about each lecturer, but all I can say is I have never felt more supported and inspired in my education than I did within this department.

How did your undergraduate degree help with your Masters?

The program I chose for my postgraduate degree is very related to my undergraduate degree at City, which gave me the foundation and skills necessary for my further study.

What are your longer-term career plans?

I would ideally like to work for the World Bank, specifically in the healthcare sector, creating policies and managing projects. My psychology classes at City provided me with the ability to communicate and understand people effectively which is a crucial element in this line of work. Additionally, it gave me a theoretical perspective in understanding and conceptualising how societies and cultures work, which strengthened my understanding of how we function.

Any advice for someone considering Sociology with Psychology at City?

I would say don't think twice. It's a great place, with extremely qualified academics and I can guarantee that although it's challenging, you will have a really rich learning experience.