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About City

Global City

Welcome to Global City

City, University of London, attracts students and staff from around the world, has a global alumni network, produces world class research that addresses issues of global concern and has partnerships with a number of leading international universities.

Global Vision

City, University of London, is a global university.

We develop world leading research which responds to issues of global concern, attract talented staff and students from around the world and are part of a global community of alumni, employers and partners.

  • 7,375 of all students at City are from outside the UK, representing 35% of total enrolments. Of these, 10% were from within and 25% were from outside the EU. (Data from HESA Student Return 2017/18)
  • 43% of City’s academic staff are from outside the UK
  • City currently has a global alumni membership of 140,000 and a network of alumni ambassadors around the world.
  • In the 2014 Research Excellence Framework, 23% of City’s submitted research was considered world-leading (4*) and 52.5% was considered internationally excellent (3*); 1,470 research journal publications from staff at City were with an international co-author. This accounts for 42.8% of all publications
  • We have long-standing teaching, research and exchange partnerships  with world leading universities.

We have an ambitious international strategy outlining how we will continue our journey to becoming a truly global university over the period until 2026.

Download our brochure PDF or read the brochure online on ISSUU

Global Vision

Our vision is to become a leading global university and to do that we will embed a global outlook into everything we do at City. The Internationalisation Strategy sets out a clear direction for broader, deeper and more strategic international partnerships and activities to benefit our students and staff and support the growth of our global reputation.

Professor Stanton Newman, Vice-President International

About Global City

A global outlook and make up is integral to the work of City, from research which has global impact to a global alumni network of over 140,000 former students and staff, and a Careers Service which supports the internationalisation of employment outcomes for our students.

In 2016 City joined the University of London federation. This has created opportunities to extend our global profile and reach and to bring some of our courses to new, global audiences through distance learning.

Professor Stanton Newman, Vice-President (International) is responsible for overseeing internationalisation at City, this includes The Office for Global Engagement, the Dubai Centre and the INTO City, University of London joint venture.

The Office for Global Engagement supports the delivery of the internationalisation strategy and is available to offer support and guidance on all aspects of international work, from co-ordinating international visits and advising on partnerships to raising the profile of City’s international activity. Professor Newman and The Office for Global Engagement work closely with academic schools, central departments and external partners. Implementation of the strategy is overseen by an internationalisation committee which reports to the university's Executive Committee.

In each of City’s five schools there is a member of staff responsible for leading on and co-ordinating international activity within their school. Read more about them here:

Contact us:

The Office for Global Engagement

Room A228, College Building
City, University of London
Northampton Square

Email us

Other Useful Contacts

For queries relating to international student recruitment, including if you are interested in becoming an agent, please view the information on the International agents section.

City Staff can access further resources and information to support them in their international work on the Staff Hub

Global Education

City is committed to providing an international experience for its students, including a curriculum which reflects the interconnected and global reach of many of our subjects, options for spending time studying at a university abroad, opportunities to get involved in events and societies which celebrate diversity and broaden horizons, as well as support in developing an international career post-graduation.

Student Exchange Programmes

Undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral (taught and research) students may have the opportunity to take an international study or work placement as part of their programme.

Find out more about student exchange opportunities at City.

Study Abroad

The Study Abroad Programme is an opportunity for non-UK students to study at City for one semester or a whole academic year. They receive credit towards their degree in their home institution.

Find out more about study abroad opportunities at City.

Transnational Education

The Dubai Centre is a regional centre of educational excellence for the Middle East and North Africa. In addition to a presence in Dubai, City offers a range of transnational education programmes including Maritime Law and Maritime Operations and Management courses in Greece and an online course in Global Finance offered by CASS Business School.

Internationalising the Curriculum

‘Internationalisation of the curriculum is the incorporation of international, and /or global dimensions into the content of the curriculum as well as the learning outcomes, assessment tasks, teaching methods and support services of a program of study.’ (Leask 2009).

We’re committed to ensuring that students are able to develop and contribute global perspectives during their time at City. We do this by continually reviewing the formal curriculum to ensure, for example, that learning outcomes are written in a way that are clearly understood by all students, teaching styles are sufficiently varied, providing opportunities to share different perspectives, and that international case studies are included, reflecting awareness of historical, local and global perspectives. We are reviewing all undergraduate courses, and have committed to 60% of them, where possible, having an international dimension included in their curricula by 2021.

We also ensure that extra curricula activities available to students are as inclusive and accessible as possible and we challenge ‘hidden’ codes and biases which can undermine student’s experience.

Assistant Vice President, International, Dr Christopher McDowell is leading this work   Read more about Chris' work here.

On Campus Activity For Students

International City Week The third  International City Week will be held in March 2020 and will be a chance for City staff and students to explore international opportunities and to be inspired by international perspectives. Over 300 students and staff from 50 countries attended last year's event  which offered something for everyone, from a lively launch event featuring creative activities and a chance to enjoy food from around the world, to stories of living and working internationally, learning more about international careers opportunities and trying a new language or sport.

A student identifies her home country on a world map during International City Week 2018

Global Talks Series Our Global Talks Series provides a platform for inspiring speakers on a range of global issues. Past speakers have included  the Director of Programmes from the Association of Commonwealth Universities and the Governor of Tokyo, Yuriko Koike.

Students' Union

City Students' Union contributes to an international experience for students through over thirty different cultural and international societies. Open to all students regardless of their heritage, these societies and student groups are a chance to celebrate a certain place, language or culture.

The Union connects people who share a common interest and provides international experiences through organised campaigns, events and networking opportunities. Last years' international events and campaigns included the International Culture Show, Go Global during Welcome Week, Black History Month and Tackling Islamophobia. The Union's International Students' Officer represents the international student body alongside their studies, providing support and acting as an advocate for international students within the University. Read more about the wide range of student societies at City.

Global Careers

City's Careers Service supports the internationalisation of employment outcomes for our students. We work collaboratively with internal and external partners to provide support for students seeking career opportunities in our largest international markets; services for international students looking to remain in the UK after their studies; the development of international opportunities through partnerships with graduate recruiters; and skills development and training of our own staff so that they are capable of assisting students interested in an international career. We currently deliver a range of information resources, guidance services and employer events which support these aims and do so in conjunction with our University of London colleagues, enabling a clear and enhanced provision for our students. Read more about finding your career abroad

Global Research

City aspires to have global impact through the way it creates, shares and applies knowledge.We’re committed to contributing to the global good through research that addresses issues which go beyond borders and we’re internationally ranked for research quality and impact. In the 2014 UK Research Excellence Framework 75% of City’s submission was rated as either world-leading or internationally excellent. We continue to enhance the quality of our research and enterprise such that it contributes to society and the University’s global standing. Here are some ways in which our work has global impact:

  • By transforming lives through improving quality of life in older people, glaucoma care, aphasia, speech and language, biomedical engineering and mental health nursing
  • Through shaping policy in the areas of food policy, telehealth, health economics, corporate finance, pensions and enterprise
  • By influencing policy and practice in the wider world thorugh our work on the European Social Survey, Middle Eastern politics, international political economy, tax havens, migration and sustainable transport
  • In practical terms in areas such as Immigration law, Mergers & Acquisitions, the law of evidence, work-life balance and aviation
  • Through work in the areas of data and digital such as data visualisation, human-computer interaction, measuring populations, pervasive computing, predicting life expectancy.

Research and Consultancy

City extends its global reach through a comprehensive range of business services from access to academic expertise, consultancy, technology licensing and contract research. Learn more about research and consultancy services here.

Global Partnerships

City has long standing partnerships with world-leading institutions throughout Asia, Australasia, Europe and the Americas covering both teaching and research. These include partnerships which underpin our exchange programmes as well as collaborative provision arrangements with international partners in Canada, China, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Greece, Italy, Korea, Russia and Singapore. City also works in partnership with private educational providers to provide a route into the University for international students whose qualifications are not accepted for direct entry. These partnerships are crucial to developing our global impact and influence.

Global Networks

City is a convener and host of international networks. We're a founding member of the WC2 Network, established in 2010, which addresses cultural, environmental and political issues of common interest to world cities and their universities. Members are all located in the heart of major world cities. In another example of our convening role and international reputation, for over ten years we have bought together international stakeholders working on compressors and their systems

Research Partnerships

We are also an active contributor to EU funded research networks, for example we are currently co-ordinating a four year project titled 'Ultrasound Cavitation in Soft Materials', in partnership with 15 European and wider international institutions. The resulting research will have many relevant applications including ultrasound-based therapies, surface cleaning and food processing. Such partnerships are crucial to developing our global impact and influence.

Pathway Programmes for International Students

City manages two pathway programmes which provide routes for overseas students to study at City:

INTO City, University of London is a joint venture between City and INTO University Partnerships. Established in 2009, INTO City offers a range of pre-university courses that prepare international students for undergraduate and postgraduate degrees at City, University of London and universities across the UK. INTO City courses are delivered at a purpose-built study centre near to the University and central London. Students enrolling at INTO City have full access to City, University of London’s facilities. Courses at INTO City are validated by the University, which provides assurance of the quality and standards of education.

City also has a well-established partnership with Kaplan International College (KIC) London. KIC London, which is located at London Bridge, offers an Undergraduate Foundation Certificate that prepares students for undergraduate study and a Pre-Master’s course that prepares students for postgraduate study. Progression to City is guaranteed if a student complete the course at the required level.

Interested in Partnering with Us?

Please contact us.

Global Community

City has a vibrant and engaged global community made up of its staff, students and alumni, as well as the instituions it works with. Members of the community benefit from and contribute to our global outlook.

Membership Organisations

City extends its global reach via membership of networks, such as the Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU), the world's first international university network with more than 500 member institutions in over 50 countries.

Membership of the ACU enables City to extend its global reach, connections and profile through providing access to grants for early career academics as well as fellowships for academic and professional staff to undertake research or training in other Commonwealth countries. Membership also offers opportunities for us to benchmark aspects of our university’s management and participate in virtual special interest groups which bring together university staff across the Commonwealth.

We an active member of Universities UK International, participating in a range of thematic and regional special interest groups and we also partner with the British Council in London, as well as around the world. A delegation from City, headed by our President, Professor Sir Paul Curran, attended the British Council's Annual Going Global Conference in Malaysia in 2018. Read more about the visit here


We offer the opportunity to be part of an open, global culture and a highly diverse and international staff body. We also offer funding for staff to undertake a short exchange placement in a partner university in Europe. Find out more about staff exchange on our staff hub (log in required).


City’s alumni are an important part of our global community, with large and active networks around the world including Greece, China, Germany, Malaysia, Cyprus, France, Hong Kong and India. If you're part of our international alumni network and have ideas on how we can shape our international agenda, or opportunities for collaboration, please email the International Partnerships team.