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About City

More about City

What City does day in, day out, year in and year out is to transform the lives of around 20,000 students, create new knowledge, support business and the professions and contribute to the global good of society.

Global City

City, University of London, attracts students and staff from around the world, has a global alumni network, produces world class research that addresses issues of global concern and has partnerships with a number of leading international universities.

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City and the local community

There are plenty of activities, events, facilities and services you can benefit from, even if you're not a student. These include free events, health clinics, legal advice, employment opportunities and state-of-the-art sports facilities. We also offer a range of services for businesses.

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Sustainable City

City's Environmental Sustainability Policy and overall sustainability objectives are managed and monitored by the Sustainability Committee. City is committed to embedding sustainability within all of its activities.

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Facilities and equipment

We've invested in world-class facilities across our schools that boast state of the art equipment and ensure cutting edge research is undertaken to industry standards.

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