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About City

Library Services Code of Conduct

The rules and guidelines which all users are required to abide by in their use of the Service.

Library Services seek to provide a safe, secure and appropriate study environment for the benefit of all service users. The Code of Conduct details the rules in place and acts as a general statement of the conduct we expect from users of our services and facilities. The Code of Conduct is endorsed by the Director of Library Services, the Library Committee and the Students' Union President. Acceptance of this Code is confirmed when signing the University's regulations as part of your registration. It is your responsibility to familiarise yourself with the code and to observe it.

The library community

We ask you to treat Library Services staff and fellow users with dignity and respect. The University will not tolerate antisocial behaviour. This includes:

  • Demeaning, abusive, indecent or offensive language or comments
  • Shouting and/or use of aggressive or inappropriate gestures
  • Threatening behaviour or physical harassment
  • Comments that discriminate on the basis of sex, race, gender or any other grounds.

Such behaviour will result in an immediate ban from all services and will be referred under the Student Disciplinary procedures.

The library environment

  • Silence must be observed in all silent study spaces. Where group study space is provided, conversations must be kept at as low a level as possible
  • Personal music players may not be used in silent study areas. In other areas, they may be listened to at low volume and must not be audible to others.
Use of mobile phones
  • Mobile phones must be set to silent mode before entering any Library Services area
  • Mobile phone calls are permitted in group study spaces if they do not cause disturbance to other library users. Telephone calls are not permitted in any other areas.
Eating and drinking

  • Cold snacks are permitted, but hot food must not be consumed in any area
  • Dispose of litter in bins provided and keep all study spaces in a tidy condition
  • The possession and consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited on all Library Services premises.
Photography and filming
  • The taking of photographs and filming are not permitted in any Library Services area, except with written permission from the local head of service.

Your library account and resources

Library transactions
  • No transactions may be undertaken without your City card (ID card)
  • Use of your City card is strictly non-transferable
  • You are liable for any transactions on your card and materials issued to you.
Use of resources
  • Your account is for your sole use only and other people must not use it. Access details must not be shared with any other parties.
  • Use of online resources (e-journals, e-books and databases) must conform to the copyright regulations indicated by each publisher or supplier
  • Copies of print material can only be made in accordance with the provisions of the Copyright Act (1988)
  • Online resources must only be accessed through your own City username and password or other appropriate login credentials.

Your safety and security

City card (your ID card)
  • You must carry your City card always; this is a University requirement
  • You must hand over your City card to University staff when requested; failure to do so will be dealt with under the University disciplinary procedures.

It is unacceptable to:

  • Gain access to library facilities by means other than the designated entrance
  • Gain access to library facilities by means of a City card other than your own
  • Allow someone else to use your City card.

To ensure your safety and security whilst using the facilities, we operate closed circuit television cameras and engage staff to undertake routine patrols and bring any concerns to your attention when necessary.

To ensure your own security and that of your belongings, please follow these guidelines:

  • Do not leave your property and valuables unattended. Keep them with you always. Unattended bags will be considered a security risk and may be removed
  • Be vigilant and report anybody acting suspiciously
  • Ensure that you pack up your belongings and leave the library before closing time
  • Familiarise yourself with evacuation routes and, in the event of an emergency, follow any instructions given to you by staff. It is your responsibility to follow University health and safety procedures.
Theft and vandalism
  • When you leave the library, make sure that all the books or other materials you are carrying have been properly issued to you
  • If the exit alarm sounds, you are required to allow staff to search your bag and / or person
  • If you are found in possession of material that has not been issued to you, this will be treated as a serious breach of the Code of Conduct
  • If you discover that property belonging to the University has been vandalised, report it to a member of staff immediately
  • Vandalism of any University property or premises is subject to disciplinary action.

The University community

We also expect that your conduct whilst visiting other libraries meets the local policies and regulations in place, and, if relevant, any or all of the issues highlighted above. This includes membership of SCONUL Access and any reciprocal arrangements at other University of London institutions.

Action taken after a breach of the code

Anyone persistently disobeying the Library Services Code of Conduct and not complying with requests from library or security staff can expect to have their names recorded. Serious or persistent breaches of the rules will result in an immediate ban from Library and Students' Union services. Students will also be reported to their Schools and Student Disciplinary Policy will be invoked.