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About City

Information Technology User Regulations

An outline of the regulations that all users of City's Libraries, E-Learning and IT Services are required to agree and adhere to.

As a user of any Library, E-Learning and IT facilities you are required to agree to various terms and conditions relating to your use of these resources at City, University of London. These terms of use protect City and its users from illegal and inappropriate use of library and computer facilities. Please ensure you are familiar with the following summaries.

If you have any queries regarding any of these terms of use, please contact your local IT or library site support staff as appropriate. You may also contact the IT Service Desk and send us electronic resource queries via email.

Use of your IT user account

A computer account is provided to you as a registered member of City, University of London. You may use your account to access facilities provided by IT Services within the conditions prescribed in the IT Services' Conditions of Use.

You are also bound by the conditions of use posted on individual resources such as Moodle and LawBore and the license conditions of all databases licensed to City.

Remember: misuse or abuse of the City's computing facilities could result in the immediate suspension of all your library and computing facilities.

Rules governing conduct and behaviour

Library Services seeks to provide a safe, secure and appropriate study environment for the benefit of all service users. The Library Services Code of Conduct details the conduct we expect from those who use our services and facilities.

Copies of the Code are prominently displayed within the key service areas and on the Library Website. You will need to familiarise yourself with the full version of the Code of Conduct.

Remember: failure to observe the rules could result in a suspension of all your Library and IT facilities.

Copyright requirements

Copyright law applies to all resources made available to users by Information Services and Libraries - whether they be printed matter in the library or electronic resources provided via a computer network or the internet. Please familiarise yourself with the essential guidelines to copyright.

If you are in any doubt as to copyright issues concerning either printed or electronic resources, please contact staff at your site library for clarification.

Remember: you have a personal responsibility to comply with the requirements of copyright law; failure to do so could involve both you and City, University of London in legal action.

Use of electronic resources

Databases, e-journals and other electronic resources are provided under licence to City, University of London. Licence conditions restrict use of these services to current, registered students and staff of the institution for the purposes of academic research only. All users must comply with the copyright holder's terms and conditions which vary according to the licence. The terms of individual licences are available on request from your site library but most restrictions are highlighted at the point at which you access the resource. Please familiarise yourself with the essential guidelines relating to accessing, downloading, copying and printing from e-resources.

Detailed information regarding the terms and conditions of each resource are displayed in our library catalogue records wherever possible. If you have any queries regarding the use of these resources or compliance with licences please email us for clarification.

Remember: you have a personal responsibility to comply with the requirements of copyright law and database licences; failure to do so could involve both you and City in legal action.