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About City


Welcome to the University Admissions Office (UAO)

The University Admissions Office, part of Student and Academic Services, acts as a central enquiry point for prospective students from the UK and around the world. It is responsible for the administrative management and processing of undergraduate applications for programmes in the following Schools:

  • Schools of Arts & Social Sciences
  • City Law School
  • School of Mathematics, Computer Science & Engineering
  • School of Health Sciences* (*only those programmes which are not NHS funded - BSc Optometry, FD Ophthalmic Dispensing and BSc Human Communications, BSc Professional Practice)

Schools, and particularly Admissions Tutors, are the owners of the admissions decision and have full control of their entry criteria. The UAO will support Admissions Tutors in administering the agreed criteria as well as providing broader support for the overall admissions process.

The Admissions Office is also responsible for:


  • Processing all Undergraduate applications in accordance with the UCAS guidelines
  • Making all Undergraduate fee assessments in accordance with the relevant regulations
  • Advising on UK and International qualifications
  • Organising City's Confirmation and Clearing operation
  • Editing and Maintaining the City's presence on the UCAS website and in UCAS publications
  • Providing Management Information on application statistics and associated trend
  • Issuing CAS Statements to new Undergraduate students and reporting to the UKBA.


  • Managing the receipt of Postgraduate electronic applications via SITS
  • Advising Postgraduate departmental Admissions Staff on fee assessments
  • Assisting Postgraduate departmental Admissions Staff in providing Management Information.

Please contact the telephone number given on the relevant course page for enquiries about Postgraduate courses.

For further information on the appeals guidance or procedure, please download:

City, University of London Admissions contacts - September 2018