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Funding & financial support

Studying at City University London is a realistic goal for all undergraduate students. You can get funding to pay for your living costs from several sources. And once you start studying at City, you can get advice on financial support and money management from our award-winning Student Centre.

Student grants

If you are a full-time UK student, you could be eligible for a Maintenance Grant to help you pay your living costs. These do not have to be paid back. The amount you receive will depend on your household income and could be as much as £3,387 a year*

*2014/15 course figures

Student loans

As well as paying for your tuition fees with a loan (available to UK and EU students), you can apply for a loan to help cover your living costs while you study. Maintenance loans are available to all UK full-time students, and you can borrow up to £7,751 if you are living in London, away from your parents. Maintenance loans are partially means-tested - 35% of the loan amount depends on your household income.

Scholarships and awards

You may be eligible for an award to help pay your tuition fees or living expenses. New scholarships and awards often become available, so it's worth checking our scholarships section on a regular basis to see what you can apply for.

NHS grants and bursaries

If your course is NHS-funded, you can apply for a non means-tested grant and a means-tested bursary to help you pay your living expenses while you study.

US Loans

City participates in the William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan Program (Direct Loans). If you are a US student, this can provide funding to cover your tuition fees and living expenses, subject to a successful application and credit check.

Canadian loans

You may qualify for a Canada Student Loan if your province or territory of residence recognizes City University London and the study program you choose. Find out more about these loans and other finance options for students from Canada.

City University London Hardship Fund

The City University London Hardship Fund is a safety net for students facing unexpected financial difficulty. This fund offers discretionary financial support to help students continue higher education, but are not intended to be a primary source of income.

Support for parents

If you are a parent you can apply for additional funding, including help with the cost of childcare while you study.

Support for students with disabilities

At City we go to great lengths to make sure all our students have the same opportunities to learn, thrive and enjoy their University experience. If you are a student with a disability, mental health condition or learning difficulty, you may be able to access specialist funding.