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Undergraduate Fees

UK and EU undergraduate student fees

The fees for UK and EU students for 2015/16 are £9,000 for full time students.

Please refer to individual course pages or download a prospectus for course-specific fees for part-time and international students.

International undergraduate student fees

Students from outside the UK should also see our advice for international students. Students who commenced their study prior to September 2012 and are continuing in 2013 will pay £3,465 in 2013-14.

Foundation year students

Fees for new Foundation Year students in 2013-14 are £4,500.  Fees for new Foundation Year students in 2014-15 will be £6000 for the Actuarial Science Foundation Year and £9000 for Engineering Foundation Years.

No money in advance - tuition fee loans

If you are an eligible first degree UK or EU student you will not have to pay in advance for your tuition. The cost will be covered by a loan which you will start to repay only once you have left your course and are earning over £21,000 per year. Visit GOV.UK for more information.

Repaying tuition fee loans

Once you have graduated and are earning over £21,000 a year, you will start to repay your tuition fee loan at affordable rates based on your salary. Currently, the repayment rate is 9% of any amount over £21,000 that you earn. Your employer will deduct repayments from your monthly earnings. View examples of repayments for different salaries. For students from other EU countries, repayments work in the same way as UK tuition fee loans but the income threshold for starting repayment will depend on the country where you are living.

All student loans will have an interest rate of 3% plus inflation (RPI) during study and up to 3% plus inflation after graduation. Part-time students can also take out tuition fee loans, with the same conditions above, although they may enter repayment prior to graduation if earning above £21,000 3 years after starting the course.

Part-time student loans

From 2012, loans for tuition will be extended to eligible part-time first degree students who complete a minimum of 25% of the full time course per year. Part-time students are not eligible for maintenance loans or grants.

Paying by instalments

Students who do not take out a loan must pay their fees directly to the University. We have an instalment scheme for some students where you pay 50% of the course fee at registration and the remaining 50% at the end of the following January. Find out more about the instalment scheme.

NHS-funded courses

The NHS normally pays your tuition fees if you are following health professional courses at City: BSc Nursing, BSc Midwifery, Diploma in Nursing, BSc Radiography and BSc Speech and Language Therapy. Find out more about NHS funding.

Funding options

See our Funding and financial support pages for information on different undergraduate funding options.