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Spotlight on Research

Spotlight on Research brings into focus recent research undertaken by academics at City University London

  • What makes a good politician?

    Professor Jo Silvester, Head of City's Organisational Psychology Research Group, has had research published in a new book on recruiting political leaders.

  • Increasing insurance profits

    Banks and insurance companies could reduce their financial exposure to 'risky' existing customers according to new Cass Business School research.

  • Deviations in segmented cladding fibre

    Research by Professor Aziz Rahman and Dr Arti Agrawal of City's Photonics Modelling Group in SEMS, published in Applied Optics, has indicated that small deviations in segmented cladding fibre arising from the manufacturing process do not significantly alter the beam-splitting properties of the fibre.

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Spotlight on researchers

  • Professor Andreas Fring

    Though mathematical physics is most commonly understood as the application of mathematics and mathematical methods to problems in physics, Professor Fring points out that in this area of research, the theories and applications of physics can equally inform and inspire mathematics.

  • Professor Gary Morgan

    Professor Morgan researches language acquisition and cognitive development in children. His research has had important implications for academics exploring language disorders and child development and for practitioners working with children in a variety of language contexts.

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