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  1. Dr Amnon Aran

portrait of Dr Amnon Aran

Dr Amnon Aran

Snr Lecturer in International Politics

School of Arts and Social Sciences , Department of International Politics

Contact Information


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D506, Rhind Building


Postal Address

City University London
Northampton Square



Dr Aran joined the Department in September 2009. He was previously a Fellow in International Relations at the London School of Economics and Political Science.

Dr Aran has also contributed to policy-making forums through his work with the European Union's Middle East Peace Task Force, ETN Zurich, Oxford Analytica, and he has commentated on Middle Eastern affairs for the BBC, Bloomberg and CCTV. His book - Foreign Policy Analysis: New Approaches - was recently published by Routledge. Dr Aran has also published in academic journals such as International Affairs, and International Politics.

Media contributions

Dr Aran has extensive experience in written, radio and television media commentary.


Dr Aran's main research interests lie in the international relations of the Middle East, with special reference to the Arab-Israeli conflict and the foreign policy of Middle Eastern states.

His work also engages with International Relations theory, particularly foreign policy analysis and globalisation.

PhD Supervision

Dr Aran welcomes PhD supervision on the following topics:

- Israel
- The Palestinians
- The Arab-Israeli conflict
- The foreign policy of Middle Eastern States
- Foreign Policy Analysis.

Research Students

Efrat Sopher (In conjunction with the LSE)
Thesis title
Israeli Foreign Policy towards Iran before the 1979 Revolution
Mr. Gadi Yishayahu
Thesis title
Decision-Making in Crisis and Information Overload
Miranda Crowdus
Thesis title
Building the House Anew with Trans-National Musical Collaborations: Music Communities, Politics and Social Protest in the Tel-Aviv Yafo Underground
Mr Hisham Sabbag
Thesis title
The role of US mediation in the Israeli-Syrian peace negotiations
Ms Shelly Gotfried
Thesis title
The rise of oligarchs in Israel
Ms Leonie Fleischman
Thesis title
The Israeli peace movement
Mr Pietro De-Perini
Thesis title
The impact of intercultural dialogue on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict


Journal Article (5)

  1. Aran, A. and Ginat, R. (2014). Revisiting Egyptian Foreign Policy towards Israel under Mubarak: From Cold Peace to Strategic Peace. Journal of Strategic Studies. doi: 10.1080/01402390.2014.923766
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  5. Aran, A. (Nov 2011). Foreign policy and globalization theory: The case of Israel. International Politics, 48(6), 707-730. doi: 10.1057/ip.2011.26

Book (4)

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  4. Aran, A. (). Israeli Foreign Policy since the end of the Cold War. Cambrdige University Press (Under contract, forthcoming).

Chapter (2)

  1. Aran, A. (2013). ‘Israeli Foreign Policy in Historical Perspective’.. (Ed.), Israel's Clandestine Diplomacies London/New York: Hurst/Oxford University Press.
  2. Aran, A. (2012). Europe and the Arab-Israeli Conflict: Towards a New Diplomatic Engagement?. (Ed.), Europe and the Middle East: The Hour of the EU? New York: Peter Lang.

Conference (24)

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Report (8)

  1. Aran, A. (Jun 2012). Israel and the Arab Uprisings.
  2. Aran, A. (Jul 2011). Keeping a Balance? Explaining Israel’s Defence and Social Welfare Expenditure in Historical Perspective. Seoul: Asia House.
  3. Aran, A. (Mar 2010). Between Palestine and Iran: Saudi-Arabia and the Arab-Israeli Conflict.
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  7. Aran, A. (Nov 2007). The Arab Peace Initiative: The Political Implications for the Arab-Israeli Conflict.
  8. Aran, A. Coming Full Circle in Gaza.


- The International Politics of the Middle East (IP3008, BSc module)
- The International Politics of the Middle East (IPM018, MSc module)
- Theories and Research Strategies in International Politics (IP2011)

Other Activities

Events/Conferences Attended (3)

  • Round-table on the Middle East, RUSI Nov 2009, Invited Expert
  • Forum on BBC’s media coverage of the Middle East, House of Lords, London May 2010, Invited Expert
  • EU task force for peace in the Middle East, Paris Jun 2010, Invited expert

Other Activities (1)

  • Member of the European Association of Israel Studies Steering Committee