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  1. Alison Coutts

portrait of Alison Coutts

Alison Coutts

Senior lecturer

School of Health Sciences, Division of Nursing

Contact Information


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Myddelton Building


Postal Address

City, University of London
Northampton Square
United Kingdom



Alison has special interests in nutrition and developmental physiology. Alison is programme director for the MSc advanced practice in health and social care for nursing and ophthalmic nursing.

Alison undertook her nurse training as an undergraduate nurse at St. Thomas Hospital in London. She then moved to Lewisham Hospitals before training as a nurse teacher. Initially Alison worked at Guys School of Nursing before moving to the old St. Bartholomew School of Nursing.


- MSc
- BSc
- R.G.N
- P.G.C.E.A

Professional Bodies


Administrative Roles

Programme director for:
- Advanced practice in health and social care
- Advanced practice in health and social care (Nursing)
- Advanced practice in health and social care(ophthalmic nursing)

Clinical Activity

Royal London Hospital


Research Overview

Alison is currently researching into careers advice for nurses, with the learning development centre.

Research Areas

- Women's health
- Media coverage and health news
- Careers advice for nurses

Current and Recently Completed Grants / Activities

Careers advice for nurses.


Chapters (3)

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Conference Papers and Proceedings (2)

  1. Coutts, A.M. (2014). The role of the University in Career Decisions by Nurses. Society for Research into Higher Education - Newer Researchers Conference 8-9 December, Newport.
  2. Coutts, A.M. (2006). Research challenges - lessons learned from studies on sensitive topics or with difficult to access groups. Rcn International Nursing Research conference .

Journal Articles (19)

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Programme Director

I am the programme director for the MSc Advanced Practice in Health and Social Care, the MSc Advanced Practice in Health and Social Care (Nursing) and the MSc Advanced Practice in Health and Social Care (Opthalmic Nursing).
These offer able nurses a flexible and individualised programme to further their careers

Module leader (pre-registration)

I lead the HS1023 and am involved in HSM001 modules. These modules offer an introduction to human physiology, and the maintenance of health

Module leader (BSc pathways)

I lead the NM3099 developments in infection control, and co-lead the NM3022 cervical cytology modules.
These modules are suitable for nurses following an MSc or looking for "stand-alone" training.

Moudle leader (MSc pathways)

I am module leader for APM022 pathophysiological approaches to advanced practice and joint module leader for APM001. These are core modules so are compulsory in some pathways, but may be of interest as "stand-along" or to students looking for electives on other pathways

Other Activities

Editorial Activity

  1. on Editorial board for Gastrointestinal Nursing.

Events/Conferences (3)

  1. Inspiring future nurses: the role of the HEIs in assisting nurses with their career decisions. Newport, south Wales (2014).
    Description: Contribution to Society for research into Higher Education, newer researchers conference
  2. Media analysis of a food scare: Salmonella in Cadbury. (2007).
    Description: Presented at Nutrition and nurture conference, organised by University of Central Lancashire and William Harvey Day Royal Hospitals Trust.
  3. Experience of Bangladeshi women, affected by breast cancer, in accessing health care. (2006).
    Description: Presented at William Harvey Day.

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