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Finding opportunities in a challenging industry

Professor Victoria Joffe delivers upbeat keynote address at the Irish Association of Speech and Language Therapists' annual conference.
by Ben

nullProfessor Victoria Joffe, Associate Dean for City's School of Health Sciences, delivered a keynote address at the Irish Association of Speech and Language Therapists' (IASLT) annual conference earlier this month on the challenges and opportunities around delivery of speech and language therapy in the current context.

In her address, Professor Joffe drew comparisons and contrasts between the health system in the UK and Ireland and explored how the challenges and changes to the healthcare system and changes in population demographics are key drivers to the future planning of effective and efficient services.

Professor Joffe's talk received praise from conference attendees:


Professor Joffe, said: "It is imperative that speech and language therapists work collaboratively with other professionals and their clients and families to ensure that key needs are being met.

"Our focus needs to be more on functional outcomes and these outcomes should be obtained from multiple perspectives including the service user and key family members. We need to work at ensuring that clinical practice is based on a sound knowledge of theory and relevant research and this has implications for our training of speech and language therapy students.

"Speech and language therapists, and all allied healthcare professionals are required to show what value they add to existing healthcare as this will be an essential driver in the commissioning of services. Her one key message was about how lots of people making small changes can lead to big changes which are potentially innovative and transformational."

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