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16 January helicopter crash 'was preventable'

Dr Antony Evans draws attention to safety issues highlighted in a Civil Aviation Authority report of 2005.
by John Stevenson

In a recent interview with BBC London, Lecturer in Air Transport Management, Dr Antony Evans, commented on a 2005 Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) study and its recommendations aimed at improving the London CTR - an area of controlled airspace around the capital.

On 16 January two people lost their lives when an Agusta 109 helicopter hit a crane concealed by thick fog and cloud in Vauxhall, Central London.

nullThough the CTR report highlighted a number of issues that should be addressed with regard to their impact on flight safety, the CAA said no changes were made as a result of the report.

The report addressed numerous safety issues relating to bad weather and low-visibility flying. According to Dr Evans, some of the proposed changes might have prevented the crash: "The report specifically pulls out a question on visibility, which is how far ahead the pilot must be able to see. The report says this is a cause for concern. That applies specifically to a helicopter operating in these conditions which are exactly the conditions this accident occurred in."

Please click here to read the full BBC London story with accompanying video clip.

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