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Alumni and Supporters

Support Us

Develop and nurture productive relationships between the University and the organisations and individuals which make up the University's community.

The Development Office serves to develop and nurture productive relationships between the university and the organisations and individuals which make up the University's community. This community includes many alumni, City livery companies, philanthropists, educational and other trusts and corporations. Read the Donor Report 2013-2015.

Ultimately, these relationships result in support for projects and initiatives which assist City to provide its students with the highly-rated education we have become known for. Thus the capital improvements, scholarships, events and other projects supported by our community all contribute to City University London's commitment to help its students achieve their ambitions and in due course, make their respective contributions to society.

Current fundraising projects

The Development and Alumni Relations Office is currently fundraising for the following programmes, each of which are in support of the 2012-16 Strategic Plan. Further fundraising programmes are in development.

Supporting our students:


The cost of undertaking a University level course in London can sometimes be challenging for those students from less advantaged backgrounds so City University London is committed to ensuring that financial circumstances are not a deterrent to those most academically able.

An increasing number of alumni and friends support students through Named Scholarships which provide a life-changing opportunity for the student recipient. Donors can choose by subject or discipline and support can be for undergraduate or postgraduate courses of study.

Students Union – Growing the Leaders of Tomorrow

The Students’ Union offers a wide variety of extra-curricular activities for students, and provides a huge number of opportunities for students to develop their skills and talents and build social networks around them. The Union currently facilitate 92 Societies and Student Media outlets through financial support, training and providing spaces for students to undertake their activities.

For many City University London students, coming to university is the first time they have lived or worked independently. We provide many students with their first opportunity to develop their skills, take part in activities that can improve their employment opportunities, and help them to build their interpersonal skills. The opportunities we facilitate also help our students to change society around them, whether through volunteering in the local community or raising funds for those in need locally, nationally and internationally.

We currently have approximately 275 Society leaders, 10 Student Media editors, 13 Part Time Officers and four Union Councillors. We would like to offer all of these students the opportunity to undertake a residential where we will deliver training, team building activities and the chance for students to try new things and gain confidence. Many of the activities and opportunities that we provide require new skills and can often be challenging for those students taking part; offering fulfilling training opportunities is vital to develop students into leaders.

The City Future Fund

The City Future Fund provides a wide range of support to current and future students. Donors, comprising alumni and staff have supported this programme for a number of years. Each year money raised is distributed to a number of projects or programmes that all directly benefit current students or world class research. Find out more about the City Future Fund.

Supporting world class research:

PhD Studentships

The School of Health Sciences is keen to recruit a number of PhD studentships to fund Applied Healthcare Research. Research areas include Health Policy, Health Management, Health Service Research, Health Economics, Public Health and Health Psychology.

The School works closely with NHS partners to help shape the healthcare agenda for the UK. PhD Studentships help to recruit the very best academics early in their career covering issues that will affect most people at some stage in their life.

Facilitating Better Post-Operative Care

Over the last 8 years, an innovative and unique tool has been developed which has the potential to benefit patients, doctors, hospitals and the NHS. The easy to use web-based system allows doctors and researchers to monitor and evaluate a patient’s recovery from surgery. It is called PostopQRS. (Postoperative Quality of Recovery Scale)

PostopQRS has been developed and refined by an international team including researchers at City University London’s School of Health Sciences. The project is at an exciting stage with over 50 research clinicians having used the technology. With an injection of funding, the project could become a sustainable, social enterprise which will deliver this life changing technology to NHS and Private hospitals, research establishments, private healthcare facilities and rehabilitation facilities.

City University London needs to secure at least £100,000 for key parts of the project which are currently preventing the team from developing a sustainable, social business. Read more.

Children and Young People's communication, speech and language difficulties

As many as 1 in 10 young people do not have the communication skills they need for adulthood (ICAN). At the same time, there is a disconnect between the therapists working with young people and the academics creating evidence of what inventions work. It is an unfortunate situation that many of the academic papers that could improve the skills and techniques of practitioners do not reach them and therapists and practitioners are using techniques that might not have a rigorous evidence base to prove their efficacy.

The Department of Speech and Language at City University London is striving to ensure that there is high quality, evidence based practice across the field. To achieve this, they deliver high quality research into interventions, support to practitioners so they can understand and interpret research studies, dissemination of research through practitioner networks and group training for practitioners including teachers, teaching assistants and therapists.

City University needs to raise core funding to support this area of work and to ensure that the team continues to deliver excellence in the field. The core funding will support a Chair in Speech and Language, research projects which will directly benefit those working with young people and allow training in the UK and Internationally. We are looking to raise £400,000 to fund this key position.

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