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Alumni and Supporters

Offer Careers Support

Your involvement is crucial as the young people City works with and our current students can really benefit from your advice and experience.

nullWe work hard to help raise our students aspirations, increase their attainment and help them develop the skills and knowledge needed to make well-informed, realistic decisions about their future. By taking part in our highly engaging activities, you and / or your employer will be helping us to achieve these goals.

There are a variety of ways you can get involved including:

Insight into Industry Scheme

This scheme has been developed to offer our most proactive students an opportunity to meet and shadow professionals who have specific knowledge about an occupation or career in which they are interested. This is a competitive scheme, where students have to apply for a place and complete a series of assessment and training tasks.

Professional Mentoring

This involves mentoring a final year student over a six-month period, giving them tailored advice and support which will help develop their skills and the tools they need to enter today's competitive job market.

Industry Insight Panels

As a contributor to one of these events, you would give a 15-minute talk to a group of around 100 undergraduate and postgraduate students about your career path and gain industry insights.

Coffee Meetings

This year we will be running a number of coffee mornings / afternoons so that alumni such as yourself can connect with our most proactive students in a small group and share their career stories.

Ask Alumni

The Ask Alumni network enables alumni to share their experience of breaking into a particular field or suggest ways for current students and other City graduates to develop their careers.

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