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Library Services

Your study environment

All users are expected to familiarise themselves with the Library Services Code of Conduct.

Personal security

To ensure your safety and security when in the library, CCTV is in operation and routine patrols are undertaken.

  • Always have your City card to visit the library
  • Keep valuables with you. Unattended items may be removed
  • Be vigilant and report any suspicious behaviour
  • Follow instructions given by staff in an emergency and learn the evacuation routes
  • Access to the library outside our regular staffed hours (after 9pm weekdays and 6pm at weekends) is for City students and staff only
  • Children are not allowed access to the library

Food and drink

  • Hot food is prohibited throughout the library. Cold snack food is permitted
  • Hot and cold lidded drinks (except alcoholic drinks) are permitted in all areas of the library


  • Silence must be observed in all silent study spaces
  • Where group study space is provided, conversations must be kept to a low level
  • Conversation must be kept to a low level within the PC labs

If you find any problems in silent study areas, you can contact us through the Noise Line (Monday-Friday 10am-7pm).  Send a text message on 020 3322 6359.

Mobile phones

  • Mobile phones must be set to silent mode before entering the library
  • It is prohibited to make or receive calls in silent study spaces
  • Mobile phone calls are permitted in group study areas provided they do not cause disturbance to other library users.