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Individuals with no formal connection to City, University of London and not currently registered with another UK Higher Education institution may apply for reference membership.  An annual reference membership costs £100.

Prospective members will be required to outline their research interests for approval of their membership request.

To apply for membership complete an individual registration form and make the subscription payment through City's e-Store.  It normally takes 3-5 working days to process your application and prepare a library ticket. We will notify you by email when your library ticket is ready and ask you to bring proof of current home address (e.g. recent bank/card statement or utility bill) when you visit the library to collect this.

External members are entitled to use library facilities and consult printed material on a reference basis during our staffed service hours only.

We are unable to offer external members access to electronic resources.

Apply to join the Library

If you wish to join as a Reference member, please complete this form

For more information, please email