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Extenuating Circumstances

The extenuating circumstances procedures recognise that sometimes students will experience circumstances outside their control which impact on their performance in one or more assessments. These pages answer some of the frequently asked questions about extenuating circumstances. Please read these before deciding whether or not to submit an application.

The Extenuating Circumstances procedure is for unforeseen circumstances outside your control. Make sure that you access all the help and support available to you in your School/ Validated Institution or through the Student Centre for other circumstances impacting on your study and assessment.

What are Extenuating Circumstances?

City defines Extenuating Circumstances (EC) as circumstances which are unforeseen and outside your control and which can be shown to have had a direct and substantial impact on your academic results. This may include an impact on capacity to study prior to an assessment, on ability to complete an assessment, and/or on performance during an assessment.

Examples of the types of extenuating circumstances that might be accepted include ill-health, bereavement, or other personal issues which were unexpected, out of your control and may have affected preparation for an assessment or performance during the assessment itself. Circumstances such as the availability of books, conflicting assessment deadlines, transport difficulties, routine work commitments or circumstances that could have foreseen and/or prevented will not normally be accepted.

If you are in doubt remember these two questions:

  1. Could I have foreseen what happened?
  2. Was I in control of what happened?

If you answer no to both and you believe that your performance was significantly affected as a result of what happened then it is worthwhile submitting a claim.

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Who can use the procedures for extenuating circumstances?

The Extenuating Circumstances procedures apply to all taught students on programmes awarded by City*.

This procedure does not apply to:

  • Research Students: please contact your Supervisor in the first instance and refer to the student appeals procedure.
  • Study Abroad Students: please contact your School Office in the first instance for details of how to submit extenuating circumstances.

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How do I submit my claim?

If you believe that you have been subject to extenuating circumstances you must make a claim no more than 7 calendar days* after the affected assessment. Visit the Academic Services extenuating circumstances page for the procedure and more information how to complete the Extenuating Circumstances (EC) form (accessible through e:Vision).

*21 calendar days for LPC/BPTC students.

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Who will consider my claim?

Your extenuating circumstances claim will be looked at by a panel approved by your School Board of Studies (or Validated Institution Course Board). The Panel will be made up of three people; it will be chaired by an experienced, senior academic and may include one senior member of professional services staff.

The Panel will look at whether your form is complete, whether you meet the criteria, and if your evidence supporting your case is strong enough.

If your application for Extenuating Circumstances is accepted the Panel will make a recommendation to the Assessment Board. You will be notified of the recommendations the Extenuating Circumstances Panel make and of the decision of the Assessment Board when it meets.

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What is the most likely result of submitting an Extenuating Circumstances claim?

The most usual outcome, if your application is accepted, is that you will be offered an additional opportunity to take the assessment/s.

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I have missed the deadline for submitting an Extenuating Circumstances form. What do I do?

If you miss the deadline for reasons which were unforeseen and outside your control then you may be able to submit an Appeal asking that your late Extenuating Circumstances form be approved for submission to the Extenuating Circumstances Panel. Saying that you did not know about the deadline, or indicating that you didn't think your performance would be affected at the time of the assessment will not be accepted as grounds for an appeal.

Visit the Academic Services procedures pages or look at the relevant section of your Handbook for information about submitting an appeal for consideration of late extenuating circumstances.

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