Student administration
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Student administration

If Things Go Wrong

If you experience problems with your studies, it is important that you let us know as soon as possible. Some suggested contact points may be found in your programme handbook. Depending on the nature of the problem, it may be possible to get extra help or advice, but it is likely to be more difficult the longer you wait. It may not always be possible to resolve a problem informally, and in this case, City has procedures which allow for a more formal review.

There are also many ways in which students can express their views on an on-going basis, for example, through surveys, module evaluation and student representation. See the Student Voice section of the Quality Manual for more information.

A range of student services are available to support the different stages of the student journey.

If you know which formal procedure you need to access, you should go directly to the Academic Services web pages for detailed procedures, forms and guidance.

Otherwise, the links below take you to guidance that will help support you in a range of situations, and link you to the more formal City processes.

  • Making an Extenuating Circumstances (EC) claim relating to one or more assessments. ECs are defined as circumstances which are unforeseen and outside your control and which can be shown to have had a direct and substantial impact on your academic results. This may include an impact on your capacity to study prior to an assessment, on your ability to complete an assessment, and/or on your performance during an assessment. Find the Extenuating Circumstances (EC) form here (accessible through e:Vision).
  • BPTC/LPC students: If you wish to make an application for Extenuating Circumstances, please do NOT use the form on e:Vision. Instead, you should be using the course-specific forms available through Moodle or the paper copy from the School Office. If you have any further queries regarding the EC application process for the BPTC or LPC programmes, please contact the Assessments Department at This procedure does not apply to Research Students: please contact your Supervisor in the first instance and refer to the student appeals procedure.Study Abroad Students: please contact your School Office in the first instance for details of how to submit extenuating circumstances.

  • Submitting a Student Appeal. An Appeal is a request for a review of a decision about your assessment, progression or award and may be made only after a decision has been made by an Assessment Board.
  • Submitting a Student Complaint. A complaint can be made about any aspect of the student experience or the wider institute, including educational aspects, and can be made by an individual student or by a group of students. The Complaints procedure is different to the Appeals procedure (above) which covers decisions relating to assessment, progression or award.
  • If you experience Bullying or Harassment during your studies, this section will provide you with information about support available, and ways you can raise an issue through City's formal procedures.
  • City's expectations concerning Student Conduct and mechanisms for investigating misconduct. Misconduct can be defined as improper interference, in the broadest sense, with the proper functioning or activities of City or those who study or work in it; this includes actions which damage City. There are a number of mechanisms in place for investigating reports of student misconduct and/or academic misconduct.