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Library Services

Archive and Special Collections


Library Services are custodians of the City, University of London Archive and responsible for maintaining, preserving and making the existing heritage collection accessible to staff, students and external researchers.

For more information on our Archive, Special Collections and how to access materials, please visit our

Archive and Special Collections Guide.


The Archive contains a wide range of material detailing the history of the institution, including:

  • annual reports and general administrative records
  • press cuttings
  • photographs
  • audio/visual resources.

The Northampton Square Library also houses a number of special collections, including:

  • The Athenaeum
  • Sir Robert Birley collection
  • The James Cameron collection.

The Aim25 consortium has details of the complete holdings of the City, University of London Archive.


Requests to access the collection should be made to the team.

Please state your full name and address, and institutional affiliation/department where applicable, together with details of the nature of your research and the archive materials you wish to access.


Key documents such as our Archives and Special Collections, Collection Development Policy and our Takedown Policy can be found on the About Library Services page on our website.