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More Books

Library Loves… More Books.

You choose, we buy!

Tell us what’s missing from the collections, whether it's a classic text you think every library should have, or a title that just never seems to be on the shelf when you need it.

Please be aware that books can take approximately four weeks from date of request to appear on the Library's shelves.

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Terms and conditions
  • Print books only will be considered for purchase. The More Books promotion excludes journals, electronic materials or Language and Communication tests
  • If the book you have requested costs less than £80.00 and there are no other copies in stock your order will be placed with our supplier within five working days. Requests for a book costing more than £80.00, or where there are other copies in stock, will be passed to Academic Services Librarians for purchase approval
  • Requested items should be relevant to your course
  • We will contact you if it is not possible to purchase your request
  • We will purchase the latest edition of each book
  • You must use an or email address when making your request
  • More Books is only available to current City, University of London students. We are unable to accept recommendations from alumni, visiting SCONUL members and attendees of short courses.

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