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Library Services


Collection Development Policy

Our Collection Development Policy describes how the library collections are maintained and developed to support the education and research at City in line with the institution's strategic direction.

Download the pdf or read it online.

Archives and Special Collections, Collection Development Policy

Our Archives and Special Collections, Collection Development Policy describes how Library Services are responsible for maintaining, preserving and making the existing collection accessible to staff, students and external researchers.

Information Literacy Strategy

Our Information Literacy Strategy outlines our plan for developing student support and fostering lifelong Information Literacy skills.

Distance Learning Support Policy

Our Distance Learning Support Policy outlines how Library Services supports distance learning at City.

Reading List Policy

Our Reading List Policy outlines the approach to the communication of required reading for modules.

Library Services Takedown Policy

Library Services Takedown Policy (pdf.) outlines the steps to take if you have any concerns regarding any content available on the Library Services webpages.