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About City

Project team

The SolGATS project is formed as a consortium of four academic and industrial members.


Innovate UK and Research Councils (UK)

Ministry of Science and Technology (China)

Project team at City

The SolGATS project is being conducted by the Turbomachinery Research Group at City, University of London. The team in this research group have already coordinated the EU funded project, OMSoP and successfully developed a solar powered micro gas turbine.

Principal investigator
Professor Abdulnaser Sayma
Email: A.Sayma@city.ac.uk

Dr Qiang Zhang
Email: Qiang.Zhang.1@city.ac.uk

Technical manager
Dr Jafar Alzaili
Email: Jafar.Alzaili@city.ac.uk

Research associates
Dr Mahmoud Khader
Email: M.Khader@city.ac.uk

Dr Mohsen Ghavami
Email: Mohsen.Ghavami.1@city.ac.uk

Research student
Davide Iaria
Email: Iaria.Davide@city.ac.uk