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  1. Northampton Square Library - refurbishment work

    Refurbishment work affecting levels 5 and 6 of the University Library at Northampton Square gets under way from Monday 23 June.   Level 6 will be closed until the end of July to enable additional study places and a new silent study PC lab to be introduced on this floor.

  2. Improvements to subject guides

    We're improving our Subject Guides and need to do a bit of work behind the scenes to make this happen - so LibGuides will be unavailable for a few hours on the morning of Wednesday 9 July.

  3. West Smithfield library closure - Arrangements for Health Sciences students

    Our Health Sciences library collections and services will be consolidated at the University Library at Northampton Square this summer as the School moves from its premsies at West Smithfield. Staff and students based at West Smithfield can borrow additional books ahead of the relocation of the library collection to Northampton Square in July.  

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